Three brothers go through life, all in 3 different countries, miles apart. They had been close together for 18+ years. But they all had school, leaving their one brother behind in Ohio.


1. One

As a kid I didn't think life had that much in store for me.

I used to think, the world is full of possibilities! Nothing can go wrong! 

Oh boy, I was wrong. This world I see full of the worst things ever. I expierenced the best of it. 

I always thought that, maybe if I it all away, it's gonna leave. 

Doesnt work like that, kid. I had to experience the things I would die to stop, the things I was afraid to death of, I experienced it firsthand. 

My life wasn't all, hey! Evyerthings good! Yay!! It was more like, run. If you can run from this, do it. 

This isn't any sappy story trying to make everyone feel sorry for the world. I'm not doing that crap!

Im saying, this is something that is to be remembered at night. To be always remembered. Not just remembered last minute. 

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