The humanity had changed ever since the "Demons" had invaded the world. Humanity was once at a verge of extinction, but after the success of merging process, which allowed us to manipulate the same phenomenon as them, humanity had created a boundary between the safe areas and the dangerous areas. Only thirty percent are the safe areas, humans had begun to produce individuals to act as a combatant against them using the newly found asset, the magic. This is the story of Evan Walker, a desperate student at a magic academy, who will be experiencing encounters.


4. The Test Process


The Test Process

"This piece of a crystal right here," Simon pointed at the background, where countless amount of glittering crystals have being floating around, resembling that of a night star. He picked dark one, the most common one.

"Who knows what the crystals are from?" He asked the children, in which they all replied with ease.

"Demons!" All of them were in complete unison.

"Yes, demons are the ones who have the crystals within them and this dark one that I am holding now is from the goblins, one of the most common and populated kind of demons. Their physical abilities are nearly the same as yours, but this creature's cores allow you to gain creativity, lack of fears, and confidence on you," Simon explained out to the crowd, in which the children muttered within themselves from excitement.

"The quality of the crystal is depended on how light the color of the crystals are. There are limited amount of white crystals, which are considered as the most precious crystal in the world, and most of them are used to power up your electricity and everything that is related to the term energy."

Simon found a remote that brought down the screen projector in the middle of the stage. He finds a presentation with the evaluation of one's capabilities as a MAGES.

"We will choose your synchronization crystal by having you step over here in the stage. When you step into this stage, then the crystal with high synchronization rate with you will be shining in radiant rays of light," Simon ordered the first child in the line to join him in the stage. The first boy stepped up to the stage and found out that a green ray of light was shining toward him. 

"We are able to display your capabilities as a MAGES in a form of a status. Go near the crystal and let it slowly become a part of your body," Simon lead the first boy to his green crystal. When his hand was near the contact with the green crystal, it had changed its form and turned into that of a dust and it had diffused onto his body. Simon made a gesture and pointed toward the simple rectangular structure with various of sensors and devices inside of them. When the boy had firmly placed his hand on the structure it had displayed the evaluation.

[Level 3: Earth Hand]

[Origin: Earth Troll]

[Synchronization 51%]

[Total Energy Capacity: 512]

[Overall: D+ Rank]

When the children saw the displayed data on the projector screen, all of them were excited for their turn. 

In fifty minutes, it was now Evan's turn for an evaluation.

He found out that there wasn't much options left out for him, and it seemed fine for him. However, he felt sudden intimidation behind of the background. Something more gruesome, dangerous, and uncontrollable was in the back of the stage. A platinum mists have completely surrounded his body. He was panicking for a moment but he calmed down shortly afterward. 

"Firmly place down your hand," Simon instructed him.

When he had placed down his hand on the rectangular structure, this information was displayed.

[Unknown Level: Unknown Ability]

[Origin: UNKNOWN]

[Synchronization: 0%]

[Total Energy Capacity: Unavailable]

[Overall: UNKNOWN]

His evaluation was full of mystery. 




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