The humanity had changed ever since the "Demons" had invaded the world. Humanity was once at a verge of extinction, but after the success of merging process, which allowed us to manipulate the same phenomenon as them, humanity had created a boundary between the safe areas and the dangerous areas. Only thirty percent are the safe areas, humans had begun to produce individuals to act as a combatant against them using the newly found asset, the magic. This is the story of Evan Walker, a desperate student at a magic academy, who will be experiencing encounters.


2. The MAGES Academy


The MAGES Academy

The MAGES Academy of North, one of the earliest established academies, was located in once countryside city at the state of North Dakota. Most of the academy's locations are designed to be challenging in order to train the MAGES, those who were capable of resonating with the crystals and live with it as a part of our own body.

"Attention! Although you may be young and youthful, but the moment you have stepped onto the academy, you are to be the valuable resource of this country, this world, and the humanity itself!" Charles Davids, a determined veteran and the survivor of the Invasion, shouted aloud in front of a crowd.

Standing in the line among hundreds of other academy students, Evan Walker was one of the young children who were brought into this training. His facial features, the color of his eyes, and the color of his hair was extremely normal and common but his determined eyes made him somewhat different from others, though some people thought it was idiotic to be enthusiastic for no reason.

"What would you do if you were to have an ability?" One of a children in the front line spoke to another.

"Think of that after you get chosen by the crystal," The one next to him replied.

Humans who had the crystals fused onto them were able to sense the energy around us, the energy that had been densely existing since the moment that the demons, the monsters that had come from the unknown origin, had first invaded the humanity. The newly formed technology allowed humans to literary fuse with the crystals. However, because each human had different limitations, capabilities, and synchronization potential than the other, there were limitations to what crystal one was able to possess.

"...." Evan guessed that it was more than enough for eight year old's mental discussion.

[At the same time]

"Headmaster, we had prepared this year's students!" One of the female assistant notified the elderly man who was barely walking with his canes. Despite his seemingly week features, there was something unapproachable about him.

"Is that so..." The Headmaster gently stroked his beard. 

"I guess it is time to let this crystal choose its owner, no, at least try to find the compatible one..." 

The headmaster walked down the hallways and to the laboratory that was located in the deepest location of the academy itself. The entire room resembled that of the living creature's veins, fresh and lively. In the middle of the room, connected with thousands of dense veins, was a piece of a fragment, resembling that of an heart, but platinum in color. 

[Platinum Heart]


It was as if this fragment was alive.

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