The humanity had changed ever since the "Demons" had invaded the world. Humanity was once at a verge of extinction, but after the success of merging process, which allowed us to manipulate the same phenomenon as them, humanity had created a boundary between the safe areas and the dangerous areas. Only thirty percent are the safe areas, humans had begun to produce individuals to act as a combatant against them using the newly found asset, the magic. This is the story of Evan Walker, a desperate student at a magic academy, who will be experiencing encounters.


6. The Demonic Training


The Demonic Training

The basic principle of ARMORS are derived under the condition of the demon's training methods. Every single part of their bodies are completely parallel to that of our own. Demon's average physical strength are nearly ten times as strong as the average human. Since demon's regeneration are incomparable to that of humans, they soon learnt how to breakthrough their very limitation and succeeded through the trial and fail process of thousands of years from their history.

"How can we increase our strength as much they can?" Simon Simpson had an instruction for Evan, who was glaring through the presentation the entire time.  

"We can't," Evan answered straightforwardly.

"Correct, it is true that we can't, but with the support of the crystals inside of you, it will allow you to temporarily fuse your physical body with that of the crystal's origin," Simon grinned uneasily.

"And you, who isn't compatible with your own crystal, will be in part of another project at the same time."

"Wait, I didn't hear anything about this," Evan complained with utmost anger.

[Crawling Chaos]

[Sensory Interception]

Simon's ability had shut Evan's sight completely. 

"You don't have the right to object," Simon gazed coldly toward Simon, but Simon himself was somehow calm.

"Anyways, project EXTRAS(External Export Tethering Receiving Ability System), will enable you to connect with the crystals that aren't natural available for you to possess, but it will be at least several folds dangerous than the natural connection process," Simon explained.

"Why?" Evan demanded for an explanation.

"Monster's cores, when dropped naturally, will eventually gain the energy from the environment and return to its state before death, but with the refining and special treatment from our engineering team, we are able to use them as a transistor and nothing else. You can think this as using a bone of an animal's corpse as a weapon. On the other hand, you are using the crystals with basic conscious enabled. You can think this of as using a revived corpse as an weapon," Simon released [Sensory Interception] from Evan.

"In summary, does that mean that instead of using it as a transistor gate to allow us to use magic, you are trying to make us into a half-monster just to learn this technique!?" Evan shouted angrily at Simon.

"You get the idea. It means that the cores you will be using are close to its original form and you will have to do best to keep your synchronization down, or else you will revive into the same monster," Simon smiled in excitement, but to Evan, it was truly a scene of horror.

"Anyways, what type of monster will I be using as a core," Evan spoke with doubtfulness.

"Dragons? Angels? It doesn't surprise me from this point and on..." 

"You are really good with guessing! It is combination of both of them. Holy Dragon, Arciel, the third strongest monsters that we had ever captured!" Simon talked enthusiastically.

"AAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!" Evan covered his face with his palm and shouted aloud in the middle of the room. He was so frustrated that he couldn't keep his composure now.

"You know that monsters with high ranking attitude have greater conscious than the normal ones, right?" Simon began to pour oils over Evan's already flaming mental state.

"Good luck with your birdie lizard, kiddo!" Simon's once intimidating attitude has already been diffused out of this world, no, it had been transmitted into the spines of Evan's mind. He wasn't acting the same way as he had been used to do. It seemed too distant for that of an eight year-old child to handle. 

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