The humanity had changed ever since the "Demons" had invaded the world. Humanity was once at a verge of extinction, but after the success of merging process, which allowed us to manipulate the same phenomenon as them, humanity had created a boundary between the safe areas and the dangerous areas. Only thirty percent are the safe areas, humans had begun to produce individuals to act as a combatant against them using the newly found asset, the magic. This is the story of Evan Walker, a desperate student at a magic academy, who will be experiencing encounters.


5. The Decisive Explanation


The Decisive Explanation

There were relatively few students left in the auditorium, all others left the room after their business in here was finished. When the student saw the status with many unknowns in it, they began to murmur between themselves and Evan stood in the stage, stiffened and dumbfounded.

"What..." Evan let his inner voice leak out from his mind.

"..." The managers began to speak among themselves and came to the conclusion. 

"This is just a temporarily error, rest assured, but we will have to resume the evaluation tomorrow," With few words, Simon had dimissed all of the remaining students to their dormitory. When Evan was leaving with them, Simon stopped and whispered to his ears.

"Could you please step into the office for a minute?" 

The situation was cleared in no time, but it seemed as if Evan was in trouble. But for what? When he had arrived to the front door of the main office, he had felt the same intimidation as the one he had experienced with Simon. It was similar to that of a growling animal, fierce yet still. When he had opened the door, he had noticed the surge of pressure that was applied to him. His visions were blurry, his feet lost its focus, and he was panicking as if he had been inside of an aquarium without an exit, without a single ray of light.

"Haaaaaaaaa.... Haaaaaaaaa..." Evan was breathing deeply, as if this moment was his before his last breathe.

"Good, you pass," Simon Simpson, sitting in the office chair as he was already doing so, joined his both hand and sat his elbows by the table, placing his two joint hands slightly above his nose and glaring back at the frightened boy named Evan Walker. 

"Even adults aren't able to recover in this short period of time," Simon stood up from his chair and walked around the room to his personal library, where his books were displayed in organized pattern.

"When you have an unknown in your ability index, then it means that you are beyond the help of our assistance, meaning that you are the first failure that this school had ever had."

"......." Evan was shocked as if he had received a death sentence.

"However, by the look of your courage and coordinating skills, you are still useful individual to this academy," Simon picked a book named "The True Nature". 

"Would you care to listen to the terrible truth that only the administrators know?" 

"Truth?" Evan asked with doubtfulness. He had calmed down from the expulsion notice.

"When a person uses their ability, there is a price to pay in to compensate from its distortion of reality," Simon opened book to page 215. 

"Don't tell me," Evan shivered from the fact itself.

"Yes, it is correct. The price to pay is their life force. Though we use the energy from the exterior force, it still doesn't change the fact that what's been triggering is the host's life energy. Total energy capacity is the display of one's life force and it decreases we reach our last breathing. Our combatant can only live up to age 40," Simon searched for a sentence in page 215.

"Why are you telling me this, is it to..." Evan was shivering from frightening that none of his classmates knew about this. He knew what was coming next.

"Even if you spread out this news, then its you against the rest of the world. Why do you think that we had appointed young children on this position?" Simon found the line that he was looking for.

"What is the meaning of this conversation?" Evan smashed the table as hard as could. 

"Have you heard of the fact that there are demons who don't use magic?" Simon highlighted the line.

"N..no..." Evan responded with uncertainty.

"You see, demons who don't use magic may seem weak, but in reality, there are those who have learned to surpass their physical limits and transcend to new levels... as they speak. ARMORS(Artificially reinforced module of renegade system) is the minor version of this techniques, but this will also require more risk and, most of all, it will require training that can't be described with words. You will have to learn to endure the pain, endure the tattering strands of muscle, shattering bones, and bloods leaking from your entire body," Simon closed down the book.

"...." Evan was speechless. He was simply standing on the middle of the office.

"I will give you two choices: Learn ARMORS or quit this academy," Simon forced Evan to decide.

"... I will choose to..." When Evan answered, he left the office immediately.

"Hmmm..." Simon saw the sentence he had highlighted in the book. 

[If truth is the antithesis of one's belief, then it leaves one astray in sea of paths]

He turned to his office desk where he had dialed to the headmaster.

"It is according to your plan, Headmaster."

This one conversation had completely changed Evan's later events. 

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