The humanity had changed ever since the "Demons" had invaded the world. Humanity was once at a verge of extinction, but after the success of merging process, which allowed us to manipulate the same phenomenon as them, humanity had created a boundary between the safe areas and the dangerous areas. Only thirty percent are the safe areas, humans had begun to produce individuals to act as a combatant against them using the newly found asset, the magic. This is the story of Evan Walker, a desperate student at a magic academy, who will be experiencing encounters.


1. The Dangerous World


The Dangerous World

Whether it was beast, monster, or a demon, there was one thing that was certain about this world. Over the horizon between the clouds and the land itself, an unknown creatures invaded the humanity. Though barehanded, these creatures was able to exert force greater than that of their maximum muscular capacity, regenerate their wounds in span of few hours, or create an offensive measures out of thin air. It was as if they were using magic. Thousands of species had come from the invasion and majority of them had been as if they had been brought out from the fantasy fiction. 

Humanity was at a cliff of extinction before the greatest milestone of the research had been completed. When these monsters die, they leave a form of a crystal before our eyes. It was said that these crystals had the ability to transmit the unknown energy these creatures had brought with them. When an energy is used, the crystal attracts and conducts the energy, condenses it, and then release it as a form of an attack. The used energy is then recycled by the nature itself. The research's greatest discovery was the fact that with some measures, it was possible for humans to implant them, allowing them to use the same mysterious force as these monsters. It allowed us to regain twenty percent of our territory back.

7 years since the creation of the MAGES(Mechanically produced Artificial Grand Energy System), the humans who had implanted the crystals on their bodies to use the magic, the North American Sector had decided to enlist young soldiers who are willing to fight against the monsters, fight for the future, and fight for themselves. 

These humans, who were chosen by the will of the crystals themselves, are to be fought in the headlines for the freedom of the humanity. One's destiny and capabilities as a MAGES were already determined from the moment they learn what type, amount, or the quality of the crystals they possess. The students of the academy are evaluated on these matter. 

The story begins from the perspective of the worst student that the academy had ever had, Evan Walker. 

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