Second attempts

This is my first real try at writing. A lot of this has been in my head for a while but as part of a larger second attempt i thought i would try something new, actually writing them down. Read them if you like, or don't, i won't mind either way.


5. Whitewash

Days pass in hazes

People talk, move, interact, shout, scream, whisper

And i see it

Kind of

It registers

A body filled with chemicals and unrested mind is likely the culprit

Or maybe i am just past the point of caring  


It can last for days or weeks or months

Time passes and i stand still

Cemented in place whilst the hands of the future grapple and tear 

Darkened shadows, turning to vapour as they pull


And then it breaks

The volumes rise as if someone someone flicked a switch

The hands become solid

And i gasp for breath in a world that now seems so enclosed  


But then they are there

The few that make it bearable

Drawing my mind from the panic and into memories of laughter and days of enjoyable nothingness

Lounging in parks or on beds

Eating and drinking and joking, the easiest thing to fill the time 

Speaking of the world, little problems of infinite lives  


These few are worth the world i think.

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