Second attempts

This is my first real try at writing. A lot of this has been in my head for a while but as part of a larger second attempt i thought i would try something new, actually writing them down. Read them if you like, or don't, i won't mind either way.


3. Try Again

When was the last time you tried again?

Picked up that book,

That paintbrush,

That instrument?  


You forget how to try again as you get older, 

Toddlers do it every day,  

Get up 


Take a step


Get back up again.  


I think that perhaps life takes it from you,

The enthusiasm and motivation falls away and is not revived 

as every child becomes an adult and so few adults are where they truly want to be.  


I was determined not to be like them, 

I wanted to be a Lost Boy.

Forever young, bounding through life with enough energy to outrun the misery.  


I didn't run fast enough though, 

I fell. 

But I am trying to get back up again,

Pushing myself into a second attempt,

To create again,

To enjoy again,

To maybe even one day feel again.

Until empty is just a fading memory.

Friends, family, art, music, literature, valleys, oceans, skies of every colour.

I am determined that these are the things i shall not passively watch any longer,

So i will try again.

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