Second attempts

This is my first real try at writing. A lot of this has been in my head for a while but as part of a larger second attempt i thought i would try something new, actually writing them down. Read them if you like, or don't, i won't mind either way.


10. half-formed futures

curtains and carpets
coffee mugs and messy tables
armchairs and half finished canvasses
sometimes it feels like the future is a far off dream
other times it's almost real, a strangely solid illusion
changing and evolving in the corner of your mind's eye

will it be in a beautiful country cottage
or a tiny, cluttered apartment in a noisy city
maybe a modest house in a small but bustling town

will you do what you want?
be who you want?
start traditions you've always imagined?
take those trips you've been planning?

but perhaps the future isn't so simplistic
so indefinite yet structured
just maybe
it's someone
someone who makes you feel like you're already home

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