Second attempts

This is my first real try at writing. A lot of this has been in my head for a while but as part of a larger second attempt i thought i would try something new, actually writing them down. Read them if you like, or don't, i won't mind either way.


9. Copy and Paste

you can tell it's one of those morning when u wake

everything is a little too heavy

your brain and body don't quite fit

same colour pieces

different puzzles


you go through the motions anyway

tiny peaks and dips in your heart rate

following the crowd, a nation of zombies

all of them waiting for Morpheus to show them their dreams

its like watching a film, or reading one of those daft dystopian novels

i guess they aren't so far fetched after all


so many carbon copies

sure, they laugh and smile but do they feel it?

can you see the corners of their eyes wrinkle?

or is it a mirror?

all of them reflecting each other without realising they're trapped in a funhouse maze

cornering each other into what they're expected to be 


'education' forcing us to 'learn'

'parents' telling us to 'do what's right'

'the future', not an abstract now but a one way road

when did thinking for yourself become obsolete ?

because you and I, we are one of them 

no matter whether we want to be

and we are all just kids

dreaming of the freedom of being ourselves

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