Second attempts

This is my first real try at writing. A lot of this has been in my head for a while but as part of a larger second attempt i thought i would try something new, actually writing them down. Read them if you like, or don't, i won't mind either way.


8. 6 Foot

On some days you have to stop running and face what's making it difficult to breathe 
not in victory or bravery but for the sole purpose of surrender
and in defeat you can see the inevitable

the scale shows you a weight that can't be true
and the mirror shows you a body you can hardly comprehend
the thoughts are squeezing, coiling around the mind
suffocating with no regard for rationality or hope
and suddenly your eyes are sore and bloodshot
and your knuckles are bruised and bleeding


no more marks of lust like before 
but ones of hatred and rage and all things that cannot be contained 
because this is unstoppable 
an unstoppable force meets a crumbling object 
it is clear which is destined to fall 
but there is one way to stop it 
To bury it all 

6 foot deep

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