The way I used to be


9. The doctors

Clara put her phone in her pocket and looked up at her mom. She hated to lie to Dustin but she had to. 

"Mum?" Clara squeaks out. Clara and her mum are in the car. Clara has a doctors appointment. 

"Yes sweetheart?" 

"I'm scared..what if they found..cancer?" Clara bit her lip then. It was a reminder to not be scared. 

"What ever they found. Hun you will stay strong. You're a strong girl Clara." Her mum never took her eyes off the road. Though Clara could tell her mum was just as nervous as she was. 

Clara nodded even though her mum wasn't looking at her. Stay strong. Think of ALL possibilities Clara. 

Once her mum pulled into 



the parking lot Clara unbuckled herself, her hands shaking. 

"Honey it'll be alright." Her mum says noticing Clara's shaking hands.  

"Yes mum. I know." Clara bit her lip again. 

Waiting rooms were always cold, Clara thought. She never liked going to the doctors  even if it was for an annual check up. They always smelt weird to her and was always SO cold. 

"Who has an appointment today?" The lady at the front desk asks asks Clara and her mum. 

"I do." Clara squeaked. "Clara Frey."

The lady at the front desk typed a few things on her computer and looked back up at the girl, her face drained of color. That's odd, Clara thought. 

"Yes okay then. One of the nurses will be right out to get you." 

"Thank you." Both Clara and her mum said at the same time. 

"Mum..did you see the way the lady looked at me after she looked up who I was?" Clara asked once her and her mum were sitting in the waiting area. 

"I don't know what you're talking about Clare." Clara could easily tell her mum was lying. She always called her Clare instead of Clara. I guess she's just saying that so I don't get scared, Clara told herself. 

A door near the front office opens and a short woman in scrubs peeks out. "Clara Frey?" She says. 

Clara and her mum both stand up and th

nurse smiles. There was only one other person in the waiting area and he was an older man, so clearly he wasn't Clara. 

"Right this way ladies." The nurse says closing the door behind the two of them. "I'm Nurse Mitchel. But I'd rather you call me Lindsey. That is my first name." The three ladies walk down a hall and the take a left and the nurse opens the first door on the left. 

"You can sit right here Mrs.Frey and I'll have Clara sit up here." She pats the big hospital bed/seat thing and Clara jumps up on it. 

"I like your hair." Clara says to the nurse and the nurse smiles. 

"Thank you hun. So I am going to take your blood pressure  your temperature and weigh you before Doctor Jenkins comes in."


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