They say she was split

* a fox's Gotham Kristen Kringle x Edward Nygma fanfiction *

Kristen Kringle was alive , how ? Nobody knows ..... not even her. Edward Nygma was back at the GCPD , living with Kristen and happy - overjoyed even - like nothing had ever happened to her ....... but something wasn't right and Edward could tell . It was like she .... she was ..... SPLIT .

~ possible slight angst in a sense ..... maybe who knows . They're be definitely be mysterious events . If your a Gotham fan and a kringma shipper or even a riddler fan definitely read ! ~


1. " it's like she never left "

~ Jim Gordon's POV ~

Me and Leslie were invited to go on a double date tonight with Edward and Kristen (who is somehow alive again ) so of course we wanted to go so we're off to meet them . Me and Leslie walk into Edwards apartment, Leslie hugs Edward and Kristen , I shake their hands as we sit down Edward starts putting plates down " we - me and Kristen- were thinking of going for a walk to the new park that opened yesterday after dinner, would you two like to come ? " Edward asks as he sits down " we'd love too !" Leslie says , I really am indifferent so I just nod as we begin to eat , jokes are being made , I smiled at Leslie who is smiling at the couple sitting across from us who are laughing at each other's riddles " shall we head off ?" Edward says after a while of laughing , we decide to head out . We walk through the gates to the new park when Edward picks up Kristen ' bridal style ' and runs threw the sprinklers with her in his arms " Edward!! Put me down !" Kristen giggles as Edward runs back to our side of the park , Both quite soaked " it's like she never left " I say to Leslie, Leslie nods as Edward puts Kristen back on her feet " oh Ed " Kristen sighs with a smile towards Edward, he can't help but laugh " it feels like you never left " Edward says to her , I pat him on the back " you deserve this ed . She's your key to staying sane ." I say , Edward smiles " thanks jimbo . You're right though. She is my key to staying sane " Edward replies as we continue to walk through the park it was only know that I realized my phone was ringing " sorry guys . Have to answer this. " I say as I take out my phone and hit ' answer ' " talk to me Harv. " I say , Harvey scoffs "  there's been a murder , apparently penguin did it ." Harvey says " where- " I start then my eyes fall on a dead body , Edward is already investigating it " oh no . "

~  cliffhanger for this first chapter hope you enjoyed !!! ~ HermioneJeanLupin

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