Falling Deeper//Colby Brock

Chelsea Banks just moved to Los Angeles, California. She was never excited to move away from her small town in Southern Illinois to a big city. But from meeting her new neighbors, maybe moving won't be as bad as she thought it would.


8. Chapter 8

I walk over to my house and already see my parents in the living room unpacking some more. "And where were you the whole day?" my mom asks smirking. "With the neighbors, they are actually really nice." I smile helping to unpack. "That's great! I'm glad you found new friends! Do they go to your school?" my dad asks. "Actually, all of them have graduated." I say. They looked surprised but didn't say anything else.

I lay in bed when I get at text from someone. I look at it and smile instantly when I see Colby's name.

Colby: Hey, I had fun today with you.

Chelsea: Me too! Hanging with you guys made me living here not a train wreck XD

Colby: Good. I can't wait to spend the rest of my summer with you.

I blush a little at what he said. Did he really mean that?

Chelsea: Definitely, this summer is going to be LIT. Anyway, I'm off to bed. Goodnight.

Colby: Goodnight Chels <3

That's when I feel it, a feeling of liking someone. And right now, I liked Colby Brock.

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