Falling Deeper//Colby Brock

Chelsea Banks just moved to Los Angeles, California. She was never excited to move away from her small town in Southern Illinois to a big city. But from meeting her new neighbors, maybe moving won't be as bad as she thought it would.


6. Chapter 6

I never knew that I would become best friends with YouTubers. I saw myself as someone who would become friends with people who don't get noticed. But, here I was talking with everyone in the their living room. Colby was sitting next to me, very close too. I ignore it and keep talking with Devyn.

"We should do something." Sam blurts out changing the subject we were talking about. "And that it?" I ask somewhat interested.

"We should go to downtown L.A." Sam says. Everyone agrees with the idea. 

"I've never been." I say. "Perfect, we could show you around, you'll love it." Devyn smiles. I nod and everyone grabs their keys.

I get in the car with Colby while Aaron and Elton get in the back. Devyn and Corey went in one car, and Sam and Kat went into the other. I get buckled and watch as Colby backs out of the driveway. 

I turn on the radio and instantly start dancing to the song. This was favorite song ever. 





I sing along and so does Colby. We laugh as Elton dabs and Aaron nae naed in the back. I loved this people, they were so much fun. It wad kinda weird since most of them were 20 and I was only 18. I keep dancing while we arrive in downtown L.A.

We get to a restaurant called Tender Greens. Which was apparently their favorite restaurant ever in L.A. I order my food and head to a table with it. Colby instantly sits next to me at the table. I smile and begin to eat my chicken.

We finish our food and begin to walk around Hollywood Boulevard. It was really pretty at night. I walk along the stars and admire each one. Then, Colby comes up to me.

"What up." I say as we walk. "Nothing, are you having fun?" he asks waiting for an answer. "Of course, the most fun I've had in a long ass time." I say hugging him. We hug a little longer than we should of, and everyone starts whistling and shouting at us. I laugh and just throw up my middle finger.

We get back to the house and just mess around some more. I definitely cannot wait for this summer. 



Should I do a song for every chapter? Would you listen to it? Maybe not every chapter...but should I add a song on some chapters? I don't know...no one really comments or anything. XD

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