Falling Deeper//Colby Brock

Chelsea Banks just moved to Los Angeles, California. She was never excited to move away from her small town in Southern Illinois to a big city. But from meeting her new neighbors, maybe moving won't be as bad as she thought it would.


4. Chapter 4

I lay in bed and just scroll through social media. I decide to look up Colby since I wanted to follow him and all that jazz. I look him up on Instagram first, and his name was the first to pop up. Weird. I go to his page and instantly look at the blue check mark and how many followers he had. My eyes widen instantly.

This kid was famous. I keep looking him up everywhere else. I look at his Vine (RIP VINE) and his YouTube. He did it with some other guy named Sam Golbach. I was just beyond confused now. He had over 1 million followers on Instagram and almost 800k on YouTube. Why didn't he tell me? You know, what, I'll just expose him tomorrow.

I get ready for bed and just think for a minute. So I've been talking to this guy who lived the famous life? That's crazy to think about because I've never known anyone with that many followers. I sigh and head to bed.


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