Falling Deeper//Colby Brock

Chelsea Banks just moved to Los Angeles, California. She was never excited to move away from her small town in Southern Illinois to a big city. But from meeting her new neighbors, maybe moving won't be as bad as she thought it would.


2. Chapter 2

I wake up to my alarm and sigh. Nope, it wasn't all just a dream, I really am in Los Angeles. I get out of bed and go get changed for my six a.m. run that I do everyday. I put my hair up into a ponytail and run down the stairs. I open the front door and head down the street.

After I run three miles I was in a small area of town. I see a cafe and head over there for a coffee. I sit down scrolling through Instagram. I look at how much my friends were having this summer without me. I haven't even made any friends yet. Great, a boring summer. This is going to be my last summer too since I start college next year. I sigh and just keep scrolling.

The cafe began to get busy and I'm glad I came now because their were no seats anymore. I sip my coffee staring out the window. Then, someone tapped my shoulder. 

I look over to see a boy with long brown hair like a young Justin Bieber. "I'm sorry, I was just wondering if I could sit here with you? There aren't many seats left." he says. "Um, yeah. Go ahead." I say looking at him and then the chair across from me. He sits down and I sit there awkwardly. "I'm Colby by the way." he says smiling lightly. "Chelsea." I say back scratching the back of my neck. 

"You look super familiar..." he says out of nowhere. "Probably not, I just moved here." I say stirring my coffee. "That's right! You are the new neighbor. I live across the street." he says and I start to think. Wait a minute, he was the guy from the group last night that looked sad. I wasn't going to ask though. "Yeah, I saw you moving in boxes and you on your balcony." he says. That's kinda creepy. "Welcome to the neighborhood." he says and I just nod.

We talk some more. He was nice and all, but I don't know why he was talking to me. "I got to go, it's almost 8." I say looking down at my phone. "I should too." he says as well. "Um, okay." I say and get up. "Wait, do you need a ride or something?" he asks. "I'm good, thanks anyway." I say and start running back home.

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