The road not taken

Omegas were rarest species in today’s world, they were the most valued creatures in the world full of alphas and betas. It was a rare occurrence that the off-springs of betas were an omega. Y/N was one such omega, born to beta parents and raised like an alpha, from a very early age she learned not to take shit from anyone despite their status, be it an alpha or a beta or even an omega.
Y/N never liked being treated any different because of biology, she was an independent omega, being a single child taught her that, her parents had simple jobs, her mom was a teacher in high school just like her dad. Y/N, she wanted to become Financial Analyst, numbers affecting a company’s fate, it was where her interests lied. She graduated in business administration with flying colors and landed a job in Winchester Turner Singer Industries.


16. Starting from Scratch


After learning about your woeful past from Neal and discovering that you were not the villain but the victim, Dean and Sam decided to return to New York. Mary saw her sons’ faces and she felt just as guilty as they did. They lost you because they believed a deceitful man and his orchestrated lies, it was their own wrong doing.

Sam and Dean buried themselves in tracking the spies working for Roman and they found them within a month, handing them to police did not make them feel content neither exposing Roman Enterprises.

They called your parents every weekend, apologizing for what they did to you and begging to let them see you again, they just wanted to hear your voice, to make sure you were okay. Your parents had forgiven them and they told them too but they also informed that they promised you that they would never give the brothers your whereabouts.


You decided to move away from your hometown, too many memories and too many people gossiping about your life, it was annoying knowing that people looked at you with pity and felt sorry for you, an omega disowned by not one but two alphas.


After days of scouring internet for suitable places to live without being red-flagged if someone tried to dig into your past, a past that became tainted with false accusations, you wanted to clear your name but what’s the use of clearing that name, if your own alphas didn’t believe you, if the people you considered family didn’t trust you. Let them think that you are a selfish person who took advantage of rich alphas just because you were an omega, a greedy omega, huh, life had been unfair to you, so what, it had been unfair to so many people, you’ll live, you thought, you don’t need some alpha to take care of you, your parents had raised you to be strong and independent, and you will never prove them wrong by crying over some men, so what if it hurts deep inside your heart, so what if they think of you as some cheap whore who was with them for their money, in the end you were true to yourself, only that matters.



You moved to Manchester in Vermont, small town but welcoming people, you had applied for the job in local boutique chain, surprisingly you got the job, your job was mostly to help them improve sales among other responsibilities, you were thankful for that, you didn’t have time to mope around remembering your ill fate, you barely had time for yourself. Finding a house had been easy, the realter had a great 2-bedroom house for you, which was more than enough for you plus it was affordable, you tried beginning your life again from the scratch.


Your life had been simple in the town, you would call your parents once a day to make sure that they knew that you were okay, they had been against the idea of you moving away, but didn’t say anything after you begged that you needed a fresh start from all the drama.


You were settled just fine with your new friends, Cathy- a local coffee shop owner, Ali- local police officer another beta, Joshua an alpha nurse in local hospital and his omega Andrew who was the doctor in same hospital. They never asked you why you moved, never pried in your past and you were thankful for that.


But as fate would have it, you were still tethered to your past, not that you knew that you were, after two and a half months of your new life, past came banging the door.


You were working on an innovative marketing strategy for the boutique to improve the quarter sales, you were feeling tired and achy. Susan, your colleague, called you for lunch, you got up from your seat, feeling a little dizzy, you tried to shrug it off, but everything went blank. Susan found you passed out on the floor, she called 911, you were taken to hospital, hospital had called Cathy as she was your emergency contact, Cathy waited in the visitor’s lounge, doctors were busy taking care of ill and injured.

You had been passed out for quite a while before Cathy requested Andrew to check up on you, Joshua came running hearing your name, Dr. Simmons had checked your vitals and everything seemed normal, so she ordered a blood test for you. Joshua took your blood and sent it to laboratory.


You woke up around 6 pm in the evening. Joshua was inserting IV in your blood stream, you woke up from the pinching pain.

“Owwwwww, what happened?” Joshua was startled but still answered you.

“You passed out in the office, Susan called 911, hospital called Cathy, Cathy called Andrew, I called me hearing your name, Dr. Simmons asked for blood test and now I have to inform Dr. Simmons that you missy, are awake.” Joshua jabbered.

You chuckled “It must have been exhaustion dude”

“It doesn’t look like that to me” he mumbled under his breath.


“We’ll see, for now, I have to call Dr. Simmons”

You gave him a tired smile.

After a while Dr. Simmons came into your room, “How are we feeling today?”

“Ok, I guess”

“I will cut to the chase Y/N, when was your last heat?”

“It has been a while I guess”, remembering the last time you had intimate moments with Dean and Sam, it brought tears to your eyes

“There is no easy way to say it, so I’ll go ahead and say it, you are 14 weeks pregnant, you passed out because of that, you should start taking care of yourself more”

The words hit you like a freight train, you were pregnant, it was such a great news, Sam and Dean would be so excited, John’s words echoed in your mind ‘Stay away from my kids or I’ll make your life a living hell’. You were going to have a baby, nonetheless the fathers of your child hated you to the core. A sob left your mouth, your baby would never know its fathers, Sam and Dean would doubt that the kid would be either of theirs, they did think that you were cheating on them, so what’s the point to even inform them, you were going to be a single mom.

“Y/N, are you okay?” the doc asked.

You rubbed back of the hand on your face to brush of tears.

“I am guessing the alpha is not in the picture” she continued and you nodded.

“That means you will have to take extra care of yourself, eat healthy, take the tablets I am prescribing you and come for scan next Thursday, ok?”

You nodded unable to trust yourself to open your mouth.

After being discharged from hospital you called your mother to tell her the good news but the call went to voicemail.

“Hey Maa…..  I guess you are busy, so guess what, I have to tell you something, you and Dad are going to be grandparents in about 27 weeks, I am so excited, call me back, love you”


Joshua and Cathy came to your place for dinner, you told them what the doctor told you, they were genuinely happy for you and after hearing about your past they were supportive of you.

“Any which way you kid is still gonna have two dads, me and Andrew, so chill” Joshua consoled you.

After they left, your mother sounded very happy and so did your father, they asked you, whether you would like to tell the Winchesters about it, you declined, saying there is no need for them to know that the baby even exists. Your mother disagreed with you but said that she would support you no matter what.

After months of sadness, you were looking forward to add a new bundle of joy to your life. Finally some good did come to you.

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