The road not taken

Omegas were rarest species in today’s world, they were the most valued creatures in the world full of alphas and betas. It was a rare occurrence that the off-springs of betas were an omega. Y/N was one such omega, born to beta parents and raised like an alpha, from a very early age she learned not to take shit from anyone despite their status, be it an alpha or a beta or even an omega.
Y/N never liked being treated any different because of biology, she was an independent omega, being a single child taught her that, her parents had simple jobs, her mom was a teacher in high school just like her dad. Y/N, she wanted to become Financial Analyst, numbers affecting a company’s fate, it was where her interests lied. She graduated in business administration with flying colors and landed a job in Winchester Turner Singer Industries.


14. Shamed


On the Friday night….Sam, Dean, Bobby, Rufus, Mary, John, Ellen, Castiel were called by Richard Roman for an audience. Roman had begged Ruby to get them. Ruby and Roman had a past, which was what Roman had banked upon. After numerous arguments the brothers had given in and agreed to meet the man who had dared threatened their omega.

“As all of you are here, I wanted to show you something” Roman stated.

“Spare the theatrics Roman, tell us why did you call us here?” John cut straight to the point.

Roman gave them some orchestrated lies and composed proofs against you, that you were embezzling money from them. He gave them elaborated proofs of your fraudulence, your deceit, your greed, Sam and Dean didn’t believe them for a second while others were having doubts on you.


“Don’t you think it makes no sense? I mean we are her alpha, if she needs money, all she has to do is ask us? Why would she embezzle from company?” Dean questioned him.

“Well I was hoping you would ask me that”

He gave the quorum some pictures from your past with Neal and to top it all he gave them the picture in which you were crying and Neal looked broken, taken in café.

“Neal Morgan, her almost alpha, her ex-boyfriend, if you may say, she planned on running with him after taking all the money” He handed them some doctored flight tickets in your and Neal’s name.


With that Dean and Sam lost their cool, they felt betrayed, they had claimed you, provided you and trusted you with their family business but rather being thankful for that you had stabbed them in their back, moreover John who considered you his own daughter felt distraught at the revelations that were made.

Mary was hurt and sad at the same time, she considered that you were the best thing that had happened to her sons, but the facts revealed about you were too conclusive to even argue, Bobby, Rufus and Ellen liked you too, but now you had been a disappointment and a cheat to all of them.


You had returned to your apartment the very same night, your college friend was visiting you and you had no clue what was happening in WST, your termination was initiated by Dean himself whereas Sam took in charge of the house, he had packed all your stuff, to be delivered to you on Monday, it was painful for both the brothers, they got drunk that night at the house they shared with you, remembering all the moments they had with you.

On Monday when you reached office, your key-card was not working, you went to reception where you got your immediate termination letter signed by Dean himself, it was all so confusing, you tried calling Dean and Sam but they were not available, you called John who told you how disgusted he felt and told you that he would make sure that you get no job ever again and the embezzled money would be enough for you and your lover to get by for few years and that you should be thankful that he is not pressing charges against you. With that he cut the call. You were too emotionally distressed to say anything. You went back to your apartment only to find your stuff that you kept at the boys’ apartment was waiting for you. When you tried calling your friends at WST, they said that they were made aware of your fraud and that they were ashamed to be even called your friends.


You were hurt, confused, exhausted and it took a toll on you, you called your uncle as your parents were out of country on some tour. Your uncle came to your rescue and as soon as he filled up your parents on what had happened with you, they cut short their trip and returned only to find their precious baby daughter a shell of the woman. Your return to your hometown brought rumours with them and Neal being in the same town didn’t help. You needed a fresh start, a new life, with no ties with Winchesters or Neal.

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