The road not taken

Omegas were rarest species in today’s world, they were the most valued creatures in the world full of alphas and betas. It was a rare occurrence that the off-springs of betas were an omega. Y/N was one such omega, born to beta parents and raised like an alpha, from a very early age she learned not to take shit from anyone despite their status, be it an alpha or a beta or even an omega.
Y/N never liked being treated any different because of biology, she was an independent omega, being a single child taught her that, her parents had simple jobs, her mom was a teacher in high school just like her dad. Y/N, she wanted to become Financial Analyst, numbers affecting a company’s fate, it was where her interests lied. She graduated in business administration with flying colors and landed a job in Winchester Turner Singer Industries.


5. Nerves

Your P.O.V.

After today’s events, you were certain that the company would fire me, “God why did I have to be such a loudmouth. In my temper, I said things, literal words of anger to John freaking Winchester. I am so going to pay for what I did.” You thought.

But the worst of all was not that, worst was the fact that you had to keep your omega side on a leash with two very virile alphas in the same room, green eyed Winchester felt like home and the hazel eyed Winchester felt like sunshine on a cold day. You cannot feel that for both of them, you just can’t, you are so going to die a spinster.

In the middle of the night, you woke up all sweaty and clammy. ‘This cannot be happening, my heat was not supposed to come until next week’. The tank top clung to your body like a second skin, it was all wet because of your sweaty body and now you felt an ache in your lower abdomen. ‘I better call in sick tomorrow’. You didn’t even know what triggered your heat this early and this strong. You took a double dose of heat suppressants and tried to sleep but the inner omega in you demanded alpha’s knot but that was not an option right now and you felt too hot and tired to do anything so you removed all your clothes and slept. When Charlie decided to check on you, she found you lying naked under a sheet with your temperature hiking, she made you eat food almost forcefully, even Jo came and helped her in taking care of semi-conscious heat inflicted omega, they even suggested you alternatives to an alpha’s knot but you rejected them thinking that they were joking.

On the other side of Manhattan, Dean felt queasy and was thrashing in his bed, Sam heard the ruckus in Dean’s room and rushed to see what was wrong but he saw that Dean was in rut, his rut was not supposed to hit until five weeks, he knew his older brother had worse ruts than him, so he decided to call their omega but what would he say when she would ask him why was she being used as a piece of meat for his brother but none the less, he had to do something, he got her local address from the company’s server and decided to pay a visit to their omega.

Next morning when he reached her apartment he was hit with heat of their omega and his inner alpha turned animalistic, it took him all his effort and self-control not to break the door open and take his Omega then and there, claim her as his mate for life, knot her and plant his seed into her, but that would be unfair to his omega, she deserved to be treated like a queen before he treats her like a slave in bed, his urges were getting heightened, he was thankful that he brought his driver Brady who took a look at his employer and tackled him inside the sedan and drove him back to town house.


It took almost six days for your heat to subside, you noticed that your heat had gotten longer than usual, you booked an appointment with the doctor only to get news that your heat was strong because you were in close quarters with your alpha but even he was unable to tell why your heat got longer.

On your day back at the office, Gabe summoned you.

“Come on in”

“You called for me?” you asked in fear as you thought they were going to fire you for talking back to John Winchester.

“Yeah bucko, you need to work with the legal team on this new acquisition” Gabe soothed her.

“But why me? Why not let Becky take the lead, she deserves it more than me?” you asked.

“Because big bosses asked for your input after the last slapdash that almost happened had you not stopped it” Gabe explained calmly.

You nodded almost in guilt because of how you behaved with CEO of the company but in your defense, he was kind of a dick to you.

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