The road not taken

Omegas were rarest species in today’s world, they were the most valued creatures in the world full of alphas and betas. It was a rare occurrence that the off-springs of betas were an omega. Y/N was one such omega, born to beta parents and raised like an alpha, from a very early age she learned not to take shit from anyone despite their status, be it an alpha or a beta or even an omega.
Y/N never liked being treated any different because of biology, she was an independent omega, being a single child taught her that, her parents had simple jobs, her mom was a teacher in high school just like her dad. Y/N, she wanted to become Financial Analyst, numbers affecting a company’s fate, it was where her interests lied. She graduated in business administration with flying colors and landed a job in Winchester Turner Singer Industries.


28. Falling into place

Sam and Dean sat awkwardly in your living room, with no idea what to do. Both saw how tired and helpless you looked. Dean ordered your favourite Chinese food while Sam checked upon you. You were lying on your side, snoring adorably, it seemed the day had taken out too much from you. Sam quietly sat near you, combing his fingers gently through your messy hair. Dean came to check up on Sam who came to check up on you only to find him looking at you mesmerised. Dean saw you gratified and sleeping while Sammy hummed a tune to keep you calm and Dean covering you up with the blanket. This was the moment of wholesomeness.


Doorbell buzzed, jolting both Sam and Dean from the moment. Sam went to collect the food, leaving Dean watching over you. After serving food Sam made his way to your bedroom. Dean was nudging you to wake up and you were grumbling and telling him off. Sam chuckled looking at his elder brother’s efforts to get you out of the bed.

“Miu…c’mon you need to eat something” Dean poked you again.

“Get lost Winchester, let me sleep” you mumbled.


“Miu…Honey” Sam joined his brother in efforts to wake you up.

“No, I don’t want to……and I hate your genes, they can’t live peacefully, they were hyperactive all day” you said rubbing your eyes.

Dean smiled.

“That’s not our genes baby, that’s all your DNA, hyper-active is your nature” He teased.

“Shut up. Now feed me. I am hungry” you demanded. Trying to get up gracefully.

“We ordered your favourite Chinese”

“Yayyyyyyyyyyyy!” you clapped like a toddler.

“What happened baby? You look so worn-out.” Dean asked.

“It was a long day at the office as usual but these two were very misbehaving, they kept taking turns on a contest named ‘Who can punch Mom the best’ venue -  my bladder” you complained.

Sam laughed at your poor joke. Dean hugged you trying to stifle his laugh.

They fed you and told you about their day. They also told you about the pictures that were taken while you looked comically cute and their mother’s reaction to those pictures. Sam had printed those pictures and hung them in their townhouse. You smiled at the simplicity of the moment.

You almost flinched hearing on Mary’s name, she had threatened you the last time you talked to her. Sam saw you trying to cover-up your emotion as soon as Dean took Mary’s name. His heart contracted at your ingenuous reaction. You asked them what was their plan and they told you that they were going to stay the night. You were somewhat happy with your alphas staying with you but you didn’t want your heart to feel it, trying not to read into it.

The ritual continued, they slept with you, keeping you company as soon as you came back from office, sometimes giving you back rubs, foot massages and feeding you something healthy occasionally.

The day to visit Dr. Singh came, this was the first time you took them to your consulting doctor.

 Dr. Singh was surprised to see not one but two alphas. He did the procedural stuff, checking blood pressure, weight and what not. Next was your scan. Doctor applied gel on your tummy and you shivered because of its coldness. Sam and Dean seated near you on the opposite side of the ultrasound monitor. The screen enlightened up with blurry image of two babies.

Sam teared up and Dean could not have been prouder of what he and Sam had created with you.

“That’s our babies…Dean that is what we created” Sam was smiling through his tears. He kissed the back of your hand.

“I can’t believe, we made this” he told you.

Sam kissed your forehead repeatedly. Dean took your other hand, he had tears in his eyes which he quickly wiped off but you saw them. Dean tried to keep his emotions in check, he was not like Sam, he was not expressive at all, he mostly expressed his feelings with sex and anger but when he heard distinct rhythmic sounds of heartbeats echoing, even he broke down. He helped create this beautiful thing. To Dean it was his greatest achievement till date and to Sam that was his biggest happiness.


Seeing them teary eyed and emotional, your raging mood swings made you cry too. You were so happy to be able to share this moment after giving up hope on ever seeing them again. Last time you had your parents with you but this time you had your alphas, you saw your present and future in the same room. It was too cliché for you but you couldn’t deny it. They requested multiple snap shots of babies and when you asked them why they told that they are going to use it for babies’ memorabilia.

Damn hormones and damn those dumb tears that didn’t stop flowing from all of your eyes.




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