The road not taken

Omegas were rarest species in today’s world, they were the most valued creatures in the world full of alphas and betas. It was a rare occurrence that the off-springs of betas were an omega. Y/N was one such omega, born to beta parents and raised like an alpha, from a very early age she learned not to take shit from anyone despite their status, be it an alpha or a beta or even an omega.
Y/N never liked being treated any different because of biology, she was an independent omega, being a single child taught her that, her parents had simple jobs, her mom was a teacher in high school just like her dad. Y/N, she wanted to become Financial Analyst, numbers affecting a company’s fate, it was where her interests lied. She graduated in business administration with flying colors and landed a job in Winchester Turner Singer Industries.


9. Acceptance


“Omega! Omega” Dean said trying to wake you up.

“Cassie…… What is happening to her?” Sam looked at his omega.

Dean was dumbfounded, he felt like someone punched him in solar plexus. Sam’s hearbeat amplified as if his heart was trying to find his way out of him.

After letting Dr. Cassie to check on you and reluntantly leaving your side, Dean and Sam made arrangements to make the Master Bedroom your room for a while with all the required medical expedients.


After two hours when your temporary room looked like a hospital room and Cassie hooked you with IV and other expedients to monitor your vitals. She also suggested for a nurse but the brothers distraughtly decided against it. They decided to watch over you in shifts.


They both were sitting on your side, close to you, to remind themselves that you were safe and sound and nothing in the world could harm you.

Dean saw your phone on the nightstand that hadn’t stopped buzzing from two days, so he decided to pick up the call. ‘Mom Calling’ it simply said on the screen. Dean answered the call but before he could speak.

“Miu, are you alright? Why didn’t you pick the call sooner? Where have you been? Your dad and I were so worried baby.” Your mother babbled petulantly.

“Hello Mrs. Y/L/N. I am…” before Dean could reply.

“You are not my Miu, where is my daughter? I want to talk to her.” Your mother demanded.

Sam gestured Dean to put the phone on speaker.

“I am afraid Ma’am she can not come to the call right now, if you have any message, I can jot it down for her.” Sam replied calmly seeing Dean’s discomfort.

“I want to talk to my daughter right now” Your mother replied meticulously.

Just then another voice came from the other side of the phone.

“Hello I am Y/N’s father, can you tell please excuse my wife for pestering, she and I have been worried from two days, this is unlike Miu to not take calls or call us back immidiately.” Your father told calmly.

“There is something you should know” Dean replied.

Dean and Sam explained all the chain of events that had happened since the christmas eve, they tried to pacify your parents but informing them about your state just made them more rattled. They decided to fly to New York.


As soon as the call was cut, Sam took a hold of your hand trying to think of an excuse to why the bosses of WST were taking care of you. Dean just looked concerned.

“Get up omega, please, we don’t want to meet your parents without you, we wanted you to introduce us as your mates” Dean begged.

Sam got up and left the room to inform his parents and your friends about your state and also decided to make arrangements for your parents’ arrival tomorrow.

You woke up in the middle of the night to see Dean and Sam passed out on the chairs near your bed, both of them looked so peaceful. You decided to let them sleep, you tried to unhook yourself from the machines but they started beeping loudly. Dean and Sam got up with a jolt.

“What are you doing omega?” Sam asked you unwearyingly.

“I wanted to wash up, I feel sticky” you pouted.

“Omega, you should have woken us up, you are too weak to get up” Dean chided.

“But you looked peaceful Alpha” you said trying to calm him down by using his title and unknowingly accepting them as your alpha.

Sam smiled but Dean still looked troubled.

“I am fine, really, both of you should stop worrying” you tried mollifying them.

“It’s our job to worry about you omega, can’t just ignore it, its in our nature” Sam told.

“Just because you tried distancing yourself from us because we are your bosses, doesn’t mean that you are not our mate” Dean elucidated.

“How do you know that I am your omega?” you questioned.

“Because both of us went into rut the day we were in the meeting together and moreover I am sure that your heat has elongated from the last medical leave that you took” Sam responded.

“You are our home” Dean added.

“And you are our heart” Sam completed.

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