Starry Skies, Crying Eyes


1. Chapter One

          "You can't just leave me behind! After everything I have done for us, after all we have been through, and you're just going to abandon me for space? How could you? And on top of all that, you never told me about your internship through NASA. That's huge; how could you not have told me Johnson?" I only manage to sputter the words at him with the amount of emotion coming from me at that moment. Tears form uneven lines on my face as they flow from my puffy red eyes. I can hardly bring myself to look directly in his eyes. 

          "You know, I can't always do everything you want, Avery. I have a life, and it seems like whenever my life starts to change for the better, your disapproval follows close behind. Space has always been my dream. You of all people should know that!"

          "Well of course I do! I just never expected by boyfriend would be a travel agent one day and an astronaut the other! That's a big deal to me, Johnson!"

           "Whatever. I don't really care what you think of my decisions anymore Avery. I'm sick of always having to 'check with you' to have something change in my life. It isn't up to you. Not anymore. I'm done." Johnson yanks his hand out of mine and starts to walk away. I fight to speak but the lump in my throat won't allow me to. 

           All I can see is the bright orange of his spacesuit striding towards the white space ship ahead. 


                                                                                     ~  One year later ~

           I don't watch the news anymore. Not since they stopped mentioning Johnson's name. His ship had been hit by an asteroid a few months ago, and so I can never quite bring myself to see the other astronauts being mentioned. Employees at NASA had conducted a funeral for him back on Earth. They didn't even have a body. I didn't even hear about the funeral until a month later. No one had mentioned his girlfriend.

          I hate astronauts.

          I hate NASA.

          I hate space. 

          What could possibly be the reason people are so drawn to it? It's a bottomless pit of blackness, just waiting to suck you in, just waiting to carry you to nothingness. What is the point of studying it? Why waste you time on nothing when you could be focusing on the everything of Earth? The logic of this century is truly intriguing.

         Instead of flicking through countless channels, I decide to turn off the television and find something more productive to do with my time. I scramble an egg and spread some cream cheese on a bagel and head outside and onto my deck. The sunshine welcomes me, along with the sounds of countless singing birds. I take a deep breath and internally relish the feeling of peace in the air. Who would ever want to leave this place for something as blank as the universe? A feel a small scowl spread across my face as a picture of Johnson briefly flashes through my mind. Even though he's dead, he still finds ways to ruin everything. Just like always. I surprised how used to it I am now. 

                                                                 - chapter continues; update planned soon- 


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