Double Agent Styles

Being the daughter of the most wanted man of the mafia, Cassia Valencia is once again on the run. This time, however, her father assigns her a bodyguard, none other than Harry Styles. Her built in arch enemy.


4. II.


Gabriella Wilde as Cassiopeia (Cassia) Valencia

Harry Styles as Harry & Marcel Styles

Liam Payne as Liam Valencia (Cassia's Brother)

Taylor Hill as Vincenza Valencia

Tom Cruise as Don Massimiliano Valencia (Italian Mafia Leader)


            We had been driving for three hours now. One hundred and eighty minutes of complete and utter silence. To say it was uncomfortable would be the understatement of the year.


            Harry immediately turned the radio off the instant that I pressed the button, not even allowing me to tune in to the news station. I would love to know what his problem was but I doubt he would ever begin to tell me.


            After fiddling with necklace between my fingers, trying to trace the intricate designs inside of the golden circle for the tenth time, I gained the courage to break the chilled air. “Why don’t you like the radio on?” My voice sounded hoarse from remaining silent for so long. I don’t think I’ve ever been so quiet before in my life.


            He shifted in his seat as if my question had brought him physical pain and ran a tentative hand through his lustrous brown locks. “You’re going to put shit on. I don’t want to hear it.”


            I groaned so quietly it sounded more of like a longing sigh. “Okay, what do you like to listen to?”


             Anything, a blood curdling scream, heavy metal music, anything would be acceptable to serve in place of the silence. It was almost unbearable.




            I sighed, defeated. I could have guessed that one.


            Luckily, not too long after that painful conversation, my phone began buzzing in my jean pocket and I sat up slightly to retrieve it. Delighted to see my brother’s name pop up on the tiny screen, I answered faster than lightning.


            “Liam!” I exclaimed, almost jumping up and down with joy.


            “Hey sissy, how’s it going?” His soft and gentle tone filled my eardrums and I reveled at the noise. I hadn’t spoken to him in almost two months, it had been too dangerous to make any kind of contact. Realizing that, the nature of this call might entail something deeper than brotherly love since he chose now to take the risk.


            Nonetheless, I once again glanced over to Mr. Grumpy pants and frowned. I should probably wait until later to reveal my complaints about his standoffish demeanor. “Not too bad since I’ll finally get to see you again! Are you and Vincenza safe?”


            “For now. No way to tell if that’s going to last for too long though. Listen, I’m calling to tell you something important. Are you alone?” His voice turns hushed even though I’m confident nobody is in the room with him. He wouldn’t ever dare to call me when he knew that people would be around to eavesdrop. He took his role as the overbearing, defensive older brother very seriously.


            “Uh, not necessarily. I can get back to you late tonight. I’m not sure if it will be too early for you over there though,” I respond truthfully, wary of Harry’s presence beside me.   


            “When you have the chance, call back. I’ll answer.”


            “Okay . . .” I trail off. I don’t want to get off the phone with him just yet, it’s been so long since I’ve heard his comforting voice. And I know once we hang up, it’s back to the deafening silence that I couldn’t stand. In an attempt to make small talk, I inquire, “How’s Lola doing is she better yet?”


            Before Liam can even reply, Harry is yanking the phone from my ear, rolling down the window on his side and tossing it in front of the vehicle all in one swift motion. I know that he’s run it over when I feel a slight bump underneath me.


             “Hey, what the hell? I was in the middle of a very important conversation!” I begrudge, resisting every bone in my body when it’s telling me to deck him square in the face. I don’t even care if we would swerve off of the road, it would be worth it for sure.


            “Asking about the well-being of your dog is not important. Christ, you shouldn’t even be on the fucking phone to begin with. We could be being tracked.”


            I try to not display my shock. He went for a record number of words in those last sentences there.


            Concentrating on the first half of his mini-speech, I ask, “How do you know that Lola is my dog?"


            I could have sworn that he uses only one eye to glance my direction while the other remains focused on the road ahead of him, despite the task being humanly impossible. He finally says with a short shrug, “I know everything.”


            Part of me doesn’t doubt the verity of that statement one bit. 

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