Double Agent Styles

Being the daughter of the most wanted man of the mafia, Cassia Valencia is once again on the run. This time, however, her father assigns her a bodyguard, none other than Harry Styles. Her built in arch enemy.


3. II.


Gabriella Wilde as Cassiopeia (Cassia) Valencia

Harry Styles as Harry & Marcel Styles

Liam Payne as Liam Valencia (Cassia's Brother)

Taylor Hill as Vincenza Valencia

Tom Cruise as Don Massimiliano Valencia (Italian Mafia Leader)


            Not only has my father hidden a secret ally from me for my entire life, but a Styles nonetheless. His family is the head of the British mafia and have been our sworn enemies since as long as I could remember. The feud has raged on for decades and only our ancestors were aware of the root of it.


            If we were the Capulets of the mafia, consider the Styles’ as the Montagues.


            “You’ve got to be kidding,” I gestured to my father again and he scowled at me. I was never one to against him but this time I had a bad feeling.


            “Have you ever known me as one to kid, Cassia?” I mentally rolled my eyes at his tone. It was back to treating me like I was ten, not twenty.


            “No,” I admitted, fiddling with the hangnails on my thumb.


            His attention pivots back to Harry as he orders, “Report back to me within the hour with any concerns or discrepancies, should they arise.”


            “Yes sir,” Harry bleakly replies. He seemed almost robotic. I hope he loosened up soon otherwise this whole journey is going to be rather uncomfortable.


            “We’ll see each other soon, bella. I promise. I’ll keep you as updated as I can. Be good please.” His attention darts to and from Harry to alert me as to what he meant. He knew that if Harry was going to irritate me in any way I wouldn’t hesitate to give him a hard time and beat the shit out of him. Though by the looks of him, I fear that it may be more of a struggle than a victory on that last one.


            I nodded solemnly. “I love you, stay safe.”


            “I always am.” He embraced me into his warm hug and I inhaled sharply to remember his scent. I knew that we would be okay, we’ve done this a countless amount of times, but something about this trip left me with a lingering feeling of doubt. Especially since I was assigned a twisted version of a body guard.


            My father exited the room hastily, turning back once to offer me a small smile. Harry rushed over to lock the door and put the chain on for extra precaution while I finished packing up my things. We were to drive fifty hours away to Canada where it should be safe to fly continentally to Milan. It was too hazardous to fly within the states in America, let alone out of the country. Their airports are cluttered with security, police officers and there are far too many searches for us to be able to get away without getting detained.


            As I hauled my wardrobe into various bags, I expected him to speak. To say anything regarding his duties, where we would be stopping to rest, how much money we were allowed to spend, or even make a snide remark about how one of my smaller bags was meant for a child with its exuding bright flower pattern next to an image of Tinkerbell.


            Nothing but silence resonated from the cream hotel walls.


            It must have taken me about a half hour to gather up all of my things, I should have prepared earlier knowing that we would be leaving today. I waited for Harry to tell me to hurry up, to get any sort of reaction from him. I even purposely took my sweet time brushing out my long blonde braids when I was done with my clothes to see if that would stem any response.


            Still nothing.


            Throwing the comb into my purse, I announced, “I’m ready.”


            I turned to face Harry and saw that he was perched in the same exact spot that he was in when my father left. He hadn’t even sat down or moved an inch. He bent down and picked up my largest luggage, not even bothering to roll it like the wheels at the bottom were intended for. He then draped the carry on over his shoulder and even took the smallest bag from my arm too. I stood there awestruck at his impressive ability to heavy lift. Was he doing this to show off?


            I trekked behind him as we made our way to the elevator. The door dinged open to reveal its vacancy while I groaned. I wished there were at least another person to somehow alleviate a fraction of the awkwardness of this dynamic but I had no such luck.


            Thankfully the ride was shorter than usual due to the fact that we were only on the third floor to begin with. The instant we were faced with the humid afternoon air, a sleek yet bulky Chevrolet Suburban filled my vision.


            Harry motioned down the steps to load the trunk with all of my crap. I wondered why he didn’t have any bags with him, perhaps they were already packed away? Then again, he definitely gave off the ‘I wear the same version of a black shirt and jeans everyday’ type of vibe so who knows. He huffed a large breath of air out of his lungs once the trunk contained the contents of his arms. He slammed the hood shut and brushed his hands off.


            However, I was more concerned with the fact that there was a midnight blue SUV in front of us. Why were we going to be traveling in this and not my own car? I know my father was taking extra caution with this specific trip but that was no reason for me to not have my own vehicle. If I was expected to drive all the way up to Toronto I would like to be trapped in the confines of my comfortable Benz instead of this glorified hearse.


            I opened my mouth, perplexed. “Um—”


            “Get in.” Harry looked up at me from under the entrance awning and glared, cutting me off mid syllable.


            “Where is—”


            “Are you waiting for me to open the door for you too?” Jeez, was he going to ever let me finish a sentence? Nevertheless, he obliged his sarcastic remark much to his displeasure I'm sure and repeated, “Get in. I won’t say it again.”


            I gulped, not wanting to know what rude comment he would have if I disobeyed and did as he said. He didn’t shut the door for me so I reached over and did it myself and he got in on the driver’s side.


            He started the car in an abrupt fashion and stepped on the gas pedal harshly. It caused me to lurch forward and I clutched the dashboard for support so that I wouldn’t hit my head. Harry looked over to me once and demanded, “Seatbelt.”


            I leaned over and fastened the buckle over my body. I watched him intently as he gripped the steering wheel so tightly that his knuckles turned white. His eyebrows were knit together as if he was trying hard to focus on the open road in front of him and his plump lips were pursed making it seem like he was angry.


            “So, where to?” I asked stupidly. I knew exactly where we were going but I felt like that could be a good conversation starter. Besides, I did want to know where we would be stopping to rest for the night anyway.


            He merely glanced in my direction for a split second, giving me a look of despair with harsh daggers practically shooting out of his eyes. I gulped and clamped my mouth shut as he quickly diverted his sight back to the road, avoiding any kind of verbal response.


            Women talked much more than men did. They said an average of 20,000 words a day compared to the measly 7,000 that men use.


            Harry should be put in to a different category altogether. I can tell by the way he convulses when I switch the radio on paired with his death glares, his vocabulary must consist of ten.  


A/n; hope you're liking it so far! theres going to be tons of drama and action so i hope you stick around :) Here's a random edit i found on the internet of Harry & Cassia;



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