Morbid Music

The music I hear all day is like my soul. Dark and morbid. Like bones in the night. Lace wrapped around my neck. Under its spell. Thinking of the past. No future do I see.


1. Morbid Music

Morbid music is all I hear

Morning,  noon,  and night

Running through my head

Won't stop or go away


I am fighting like a loser

To get out from under

Morbid music,  I have to get out

From under your spell


As I listen I lose Control

Stop thinking or crying

Just morbid music

Going through my soul


Thinking of the past

No future to be seen

Pain shattered all around

Blood on the ground


Ashes are there

Deadly white vines

Like chains tight

Holding me in the night


Morbid music turn into darkness

No light to be seen

Just the devil

Laughing at me


I feel the knife

As I cut the skin

Blood pouring out

Mistakes made


No control over what I do

Respect is gone

No time for anyone

Morbid music


Angels are coming

They are near

Hear the music

It is coming near


Morbid music

Out of no where

Lingers on

Such a fright

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