✰ Abigail's Diary ✰ [Hetalia]

The beautiful world, told through the point of view of a young micronation girl.


3. Tuesday, 15 August, 2017

G'day, Sydney,

Well... again, nothing eventful to talk about today. B'sides the fact that pretty soon, it'll be Christmas. Huh... Peter's adoptive mother, Tino, claims that he's Santa Clause. How come he hasn't flown over my house yet? And how come he never gave me the new iPad Mini I wanted?

Eh... I could always mooch money off of Chrissy. But not now – too busy watching American shows.

I binge watched The Twilight Zone, The Young And The Restless, SpongeBob SquarePants, and a bunch of other weird shows. At least I found some sort of entertainment.

Speaking of, did you know I love to draw?

That explains why I doodled on your cover. Hope you don't mind or anything. B'sides, your cover was plain navy blue. I wanted to spice it up a 'lil, alright?

Are we cool?


I really love to draw, like I said. I've been practising for years, and honestly I'm slowly progressing. I've actually sent my drawings to my boss, who is an artist as well. Hopefully he frames them, rather than crumpling them up.

Like a certain someone does...

(I'm totally not plotting Henri's death right now.)

I wanna draw something, but I've no idea what to draw. My house doesn't really have anything inspiring, yet... my gardens were totally ruined by that jerk, Romeo. He was hanging from one of my bloody trees, blood dribbling down his forehead! Like what the cripes, mate?!

Gosh... why did I even bother joining Peter's weird group? Everyone is not normal... not even Milos, another fellow artist. I feel like the girl nations are the only sane ones in this world...

Ah, well. G'night!!

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