✰ Abigail's Diary ✰ [Hetalia]

The beautiful world, told through the point of view of a young micronation girl.


2. Monday, 14 August, 2017

G'day, Diary.

Huh... I should probably give you a more creative name rather than 'diary'... how about Sydney? That's the capital of Aussie, if ya didn't know.

Well, of course you wouldn't know – you're a book. An empty, gonna be filled up with words soon book.

Anyways, yeah. Sydney. 'Cuz why not?

Anyways, today was... eventless. I did go over to Peter's house (if that's what you can call it) to hang out, because there was nothing better for me to do.

We mostly just watched GamingFelix and ate junky foods (well, he did) and that basically was it. Before I said my goodbyes, Peter brought up a subject that should never, ever be brought up in the middle of summer.


Damn it, Peter...

He is already aware of the fact that I'm going to Year Twelve, the bloke. Well... in the northern hemisphere it's summer, and in Aussie, it's winter.

But still.

Just... roll with it, alright?

Anyways, after Peter finished rambling on and on about his first year of middle school, I decided that it was best to skedaddle. B'sides, my flight back home was hella long, and I really did not want Christian to fly over just to pick me up.

He still hasn't given me my driveway...

Anyways, after the flight home, I decided to just derp around on my phone, looking through apps and games and stuff.

Now I need a snack...

Alright, I'm back. Did ya miss me? I'm sure you did.

Right... back to the story.

So after getting bored of derping around my phone, I decided to watch the telly. Nothing was on, except this one American show, Beyond Scared Straight.

Basically, the show is about some teenage brats who go on a tour of an actual prison, to see what it's like behind bars. It mentally scars them, and often times changes their behaviour. It whips their monkey arses into shape.

I ought to sign Henri up for that programme, because why the hell not? Maybe it'll get him to shut up for a change...


I just realised it's getting late.

Note to self: school starts on 27 August. End my suffering please.

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