Blades of Green and Gold

Gardain: a once barren wasteland known as Antarctica. After the great floods people started showing up where a very clever man saved and claimed the land as his own. The king had a daughter and she was loved by her people.

Soon the young princess’ world crashed down and her throne was taken away. She wishes to claim it but she can’t do it alone…

A madman with a thirst for freedom.

A healer who went bankrupt in the wrong place.

An assassin with an unusual look.

A girl with a gift for unlikely escapes.

Four unlikely friends. Three monsters from old stories. Two forgotten heirs. One crumbling world. Aven’s crew is the only thing that stands between the king and his plans for a world of mindless slaves—if they find the other heir first.

EDITING: DeeundDrang


3. Chapter 3




Azrael slipped into the shadows of the royal living quarters. It was a simple mission; get the prince, get the princess, and get the hell out of there at any cost. Even a General, he thought with a snide smile as he loaded his bow.

It was true, Azrael had always hated the General and his cocky demeanour. He was so special to the country. So perfectly protected by the king. Not! For this would be the last time anyone saw the General.

He thought of this job as a win-win situation. He would take out the General and restore the rightful heir to her throne all while earning a crateful of gold bars. Azrael’s heart was racing.

The sound of his heartbeat was interrupted by the General opening the door to his quarters and shoving a sack of bones—or rather, a sad excuse for a lady—into the bathing chambers.

“Bathe,” He spoke to the woman in a voice that made Azrael want to kill him right there and then, regardless of the girl’s eyes watching him. “I’ll be in in a minute, with your clothes, whether you’re behind a towel or not.” The General grinned as the girl quickly closed the door. What an ugly last face to make, Azrael thought as his arrow went straight through the General’s neck.

The body sagged to the ground, provoking Azrael from the shadows finally. Without hesitation he stripped the General of his clothes and pulled them over his own leather suit.

With a sharp, practiced move, he kicked his foot out in front of him and the knife that lay dormant under his boot, flicked out. His boots were made for climbing mountains…but they had other uses.

Azrael stabbed the tip of the knife in the late Generals neck, took it out then stabbed again. He hacked off the head and quietly shoved it in a sack. A trophy, he said to himself. For my father.

He turned to walk into the bathing chambers to give the girl his spare cloak when he saw a scared pair of eyes staring at him. Shit.

“Hello?” He smiled. “You’re Aven right?”

She nodded curtly and he couldn’t believe that she could still use her courtly skills when she was starved to near-death.

“I’m here to escort you to your hotel.” Her gaze traveled down to the blood-stained floor. “Don’t look at that.” He strode over to her and handed her the cloak, which she took gratefully. “All we have to do now is grab your buddy Henry Oshmount. Know where he is?”

“He was shipped out to the slave camp in Rilean 16 years ago.” She pulled the hood of the cloak over her head. “Last anyone ever heard of him.”

Not good news. Azrael cursed colorfully. The big country-ridden town was known for its slave camp. Most people who ended up there didn’t survive a week and those who did, didn’t make it past two. It was made for criminals but now it got rid of the ever-growing population.

Aven looked up at him through her lashes. “Funny. You sound like you never heard that outdated information before.”

“It’s because I haven’t.” He growled and she recoiled. “I’m sorry.” Azrael clamped his hands on the top of his head to prevent his unusual ears from pricking up at her quickened heartbeat.

“Why’d you do it?” 

“I’m sorry, do what?”

“Kill the General.”

He was taken aback. He’d expected no questions and for her to silently follow.

“He was an unwanted brute anyway.”

“Perhaps you just misunderstood him.”

“Look it’s just my job-” She gasped. “A big surprise, is it?” He snapped. “I was hired to take you with me, too, at any cost. Even a much loved General. I earn a lot from it, by the way.” Azrael drawled. “Probably a bonus too. For the elimination of the General.”

She inched away from him. “I’m not coming with you.”

“Oh yes, you are.”


The words sank in like a knife, and Aven realized that she had to get away from this man. He meant to kill her, then most probably put a price on her head.

He didn’t look entirely unpleasant for an assassin. He was tall, like the General, muscly but still slender. His hair was dark—almost black—and his eyes were quite unusual. One eye blue, the other red.

The hood of his cloak lifted slightly on the top when his hands lowered and balled into fists. “Please don’t make me ruin your pretty face.” He sneered.

Aven stubbornly crossed her arms. “Not until I learn your name.”

He groaned. “It’s Thanatos.”

“Well, Thanatos—minor God of death. Yeah that’s right, I’m pretty smart.” She smirked. “I’ll come with you if you promise me that you’ll keep me safe.”

It was beyond her why she needed a rescue, but she wouldn’t miss the opportunity. She scratched the palm of her hand nervously as she watched Thanatos’ hood flatten back against his head.


How could anyone stand her?

“We have to go now,” Azrael stated calmly as he hefted his bow up on his shoulder. “Or we’ll get caught.”

“Not until you promise!” She stomped her foot.

“Ok, ok. You act like a toddler.” He sighed through his nose. “I promise.”

She smiled softly. “Good.”

Great, he thought. I have to escort her. Imagine walking with this thing. An idea came to his head. Did he really have to walk with her?

“We all missed you.” He peered at her with his red eye, a black and white image came through.

“Glad I’m so popular now.” She giggled.

Azrael walked over to her and threw his arms around her, squeezing tightly. “Please don’t behead me for this.” She struggled and clawed at his arm, but suddenly, she went limp.

He’d merely knocked her out. Just enough to cease her struggling until he got her home. Then father would be so proud.

 Barely blinking, Azrael picked up the poor girl bridal style, made his way out the window, and disappeared into the shadows rarely found in daylight. It wouldn’t be long until the alarms sounded.

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