Blades of Green and Gold

Gardain: a once barren wasteland known as Antarctica. After the great floods people started showing up where a very clever man saved and claimed the land as his own. The king had a daughter and she was loved by her people.

Soon the young princess’ world crashed down and her throne was taken away. She wishes to claim it but she can’t do it alone…

A madman with a thirst for freedom.

A healer who went bankrupt in the wrong place.

An assassin with an unusual look.

A girl with a gift for unlikely escapes.

Four unlikely friends. Three monsters from old stories. Two forgotten heirs. One crumbling world. Aven’s crew is the only thing that stands between the king and his plans for a world of mindless slaves—if they find the other heir first.

EDITING: DeeundDrang


2. Chapter 2




“Your Majesty,” said the General. He straightened from his ridiculously low bow and removed his emerald hood, revealing neatly combed hair that looked to be made out of the most beautiful rays of sun. The hood had definitely been a tactic made to infuriate her, to see if she’ll fight back. As if that sort of trick could work on her, she was solid stone! Despite her irritation, she blinked at the sight of his face. He looked only to be about 17. No older than she!

General Delmont was extremely handsome, she hadn’t see many men from within the walls of the castle but his face was… rather inviting. His obsidian eyes were just beckoning her closer. She turned forward again quickly, now very aware of her flushed face.

“Is this really her?” the King of Gardain snickered, and Aven tried desperately to sink into the floor as the general nodded. “What happened to her?” All of those in the room burst into hideous, mocking laughter and Aven had to use all of her will to keep her from moving an inch. The King only stared at her, waiting for her to retaliate. When she remained quiet, Joseph silenced the hall, and the king glanced at his court before calling over someone in his silent ways.

Oh gods no! This was it. She bowed quickly hoping she hadn’t offended the king, she would go down at least pleasing someone, if it’s the king, then so be it.

Light, graceful steps came from somewhere behind her, and she did not dare straighten nor flinch as gentle hand laid upon her wrist. Aven only caught a glimpse of sandy hair before she was thrown to the ice-cold floor by another figure. Pain laced through her, everywhere. Her already destroyed arms ached and her twisted fingers throbbed. Though she tried to stop them, tears of pain welled.

“Shamu!” The sandy haired gentle man snapped at her attacker.

The captive let out a low hiss of pain, baring her teeth as she twisted her head to look at the attacker. He was almost her age, clothed in reds and purples that Aven instantly matched him to House Ravanos. Shamu Ravanos. It turns out her years of studying the court and the noble houses did her well.

His obsidian eyes shimmered in the midday sun as he gave her a savage grin. If she could just get up… she could wipe that grin off the bastards face. A sudden churning in her stomach made her pale, although boiling rage heated her face

After a too-long moment, the sandy haired man spoke. “I don’t quite get you lot. Why in god’s name would you force someone to grovel at my father’s feet when they need not do so?” His words were coated with complete rage. She knew the feeling.

Aven tried to catch another glimpse at the man, but could only see a pair of beautifully tailored boots against the marble floor.

“It’s clear that you’d like to make a show of this, Lord Ravanos,” The king spoke up, “but it’s a bit unnecessary to put such effort into forcing poor, sweet Aven to play along. She knows very well she’s to die soon. So perhaps you’re trying to have fun with her in her last moments.” He paused, and she could have sworn she felt ice trail over her skin. “But I think she’d rather get this over and done with right?” He stopped for another moment, and she realized he was waiting for a reply. Too bad he wasn’t getting one. “Don’t you think we should at least tell her what’s going on before she signs her death warrant?”

Having no choice nor power to disagree with the king, her tormentor grunted and stalked off. Aven held her breath, lying there on the marble, until he disappeared right in front of her. If- no once she had escaped maybe she’d teach Lord Ravanos some manners like her mother once did.

As she stood, she frowned at the pool of dark blood she’d left on the beautiful floors, and at the sudden pain that arced through her body. She’d been training herself for this moment, to bare and embrace the pain that the breaking would bring upon her. She was more than prepared since the very moment she got thrown into that dreadful cell and lost all hope. She wouldn’t be afraid of anything, least of all death. Gathering her left over strength, she squared her shoulders and lifted her head. Her blurry eyes met those of the beast.

With a swift movement he had her shackled and her wrists bound and Aven tried to swallow her rising fear. This wasn’t it. The King had told her so, she hated herself for trusting the vial thing. 

“I don’t see why you called upon her, my son.” He spoke to the man holding her bound hands tightly behind her back. “She’s a filthy lerin.” Liar. He’d called her a liar in the words of her people. A pang of anger warmed her cheeks as she held back her retort. I am no liar, she thought. I would never lie to anyone.

Aven could tell herself that all day, but no matter how much she thought it, it would never be true. She was lying to herself. Every minute of every day. Tears pin-pricked her eyes. She would see her family again: when they arrived at the golden gates of heaven, one by one.



If you've read this far gods help you XD Names still requested. I'm not so creative... Happy reading!

-Hugh Apiston

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