Blades of Green and Gold

Gardain: a once barren wasteland known as Antarctica. After the great floods people started showing up where a very clever man saved and claimed the land as his own. The king had a daughter and she was loved by her people.

Soon the young princess’ world crashed down and her throne was taken away. She wishes to claim it but she can’t do it alone…

A madman with a thirst for freedom.

A healer who went bankrupt in the wrong place.

An assassin with an unusual look.

A girl with a gift for unlikely escapes.

Four unlikely friends. Three monsters from old stories. Two forgotten heirs. One crumbling world. Aven’s crew is the only thing that stands between the king and his plans for a world of mindless slaves—if they find the other heir first.

EDITING: DeeundDrang


7. Author's note

So... I never really do any of these but... y'all should know why I'm taking things really slow.


Anyways, my parents and I haven't got a good relationship going on. I tend to not tell them anything that's going on and why I'm so obsessed with one thing to the next.... I think last month I was obsessed with MPHFPC but now it's Be More Chill and Dear Evan Hansen the musicals... so they came up with this wonderful idea... 'psychologist'. Wooooo... Yup well I'm super busy with exams and stuff. I'll hopefully update soon.

Y'all might've noticed the new cover. THANKS MINI!!


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