The Nephilim series: The Demon Summit

Lilly was dropped off, stripped of her memories of who she was and where she came from. Desperate to find something normal and constant,she moved to a small quiet town, but not everything is what it seems. Making new grand partners along the way, Lilly will find out whom she is, and why was she abandoned like such.


3. Strange Premonitions

 I looked over at the clock on my bed side table, "5:30". It's way too early to be up on a weekend. I scratch my head and let out a huge sigh. I couldn't fall back asleep, I didn't want to have another dream like that. So, with great discontent, I got out of bed.

        Today was the first day in my new house, it was too early to call it a home 'cause I never new what that felt like. I decided to do a little unpacking since I couldn't go back to bed anytime soon. I work until sunrise before feeling tired enough to trudge up the stairs and flop face first into the pillowy softness of my comforter. I had unpacked the living room, the den, and half the kitchen before 7:30 trying to stay awake.

     "Damn ...Well at least I was productive". I finally succumbed to my fatigue and slept.

~ 2:30 PM Eastern Standered Time ~

        I woke up from my rather long nap to a loud knock at my door. "Mhmm, okay! Okay! I'm coming, just hold on!" I brush through my bed head with my fingers as I race down the stairs and open the door slightly.

       "Christina? What are you doing here? I thought you were afraid of this place?" I opened the door more and braced the chilly afternoon air while leaning on the door frame slightly.

     "I thought I might take you up on the offer for tea! C-can I come in? It's kinda cold out." She sounded tense as I let her inside and set the tea to heat up.

      "What did you want to talk about? You sound nervous.
I sat next to her on the couch and turn slightly to look at her.

      "Well, even though you said you don't believe in ghosts, what about Demons and God and all that stuff?
"Christina, I told yo-
"Wait just hear me out, lately I have been having this strange dream. Every night this woman would beckon to me and say 'Just rest sweet pea. I have someone I need to meet, and I just happen to need your body for it. Just sleep and leave the rest to me.' " 
She wrapped her arms around herself and shivered a bit 

       "Her voice was smooth but layered with malice. The place where she was sitting was dark and and filled with the cries of men. Her smile was sweet but twisted at the same time. She must've been a demon and she wants me to do something." 

        I look upon the shivering figure beside me and can't help but take pity.
"I'm sure it's just a dream. If it makes you feel better you can stay here. I'll salt the windows and doors so no ghost can get us. Okay?
I watched her nod hesitantly and smile at me

  "Thank you Lilly."

~ 11:51 PM Eastern Standered Time ~

      I had finished salting the windows and doors before crawling into bed next to Christina. She refused to sleep alone on the couch so she is here next to me.

   "You're such a handful." 
I slip under the covers and slowly fall into a deep sleep.

~ Lilly's DreamScape~

      It was dark and damp. I woke up on a leathery, red chair in a room where red light illuminates the space from a lamp in the corner of the rather large room. Cool jazz was the only thing that could be heard over then deafening silence. As if to drown out some unsightly sound from outside the red room. I was still analyzing my surroundings when I heard the door creak open in the unlit part of the room. A ghastly sound came through the door before it closed and the room filled back to the brim with cool jazz. Someone had entered the room. Someone was in here with me.


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