The Nephilim series: The Demon Summit

Lilly was dropped off, stripped of her memories of who she was and where she came from. Desperate to find something normal and constant,she moved to a small quiet town, but not everything is what it seems. Making new grand partners along the way, Lilly will find out whom she is, and why was she abandoned like such.


2. Past Dreams

"Ha... ha ha... hmm... I must be dreaming." I say as stumbled up the stairs. "There is no way... that ghosts and stuff like that exist..."
I shuffled upstairs and flopped down on my bed, got under the cover, and closed my eyes right?......

~Dream Landscape~

"Lilly ....."

A voice was calling out to me. It sounded familiar so warm

"Lilly... I'm sorry..." It called again. Huh what for? What happenedI tried to call back but nothing came out.

"Lilly... don't go lookin' in your memory.... it's dangerous... I'm sealin' it up for your own good" It was a woman's voice she had a bit of a southern accent. It was nice and kinda soothing to hear her voice "I really hate to leave you like this. I wish I could do more at least let you know your name......"

What do you mean let me know my name? My name is Lilly King.

"Wait where are you going? Are you leaving me? Don't leave me!" my voice finally seemed to work as I reached out for her.

"Baby, I'm sorry...." I touched her hand and her face flashed in my mind.

She was a beautiful woman. She was tall with pale with unblemished skin, and she had long hair that was stark white, and blue-green eyes that resembled mine to a tee. She seemed fragile. Like you could break her if you touch her once. Like a porcelain doll that you never take out of a box.

Why are you apologizing? What did you do wrong? I don't know anymore... what is going on?

I start crying from stress and frustration. I wipe my eyes before getting up and walking to the door.

"Vale flos meus dilectus." She said and left me laying there, confused.

~ 9:00 AM Eastern Standard Time ~

When I wake up, I feel tears rolling down my face . "Huh? Why am I crying?" I said, wiping tears off . True, there was no real reason for me to be crying. It was just a dream. But it made me remember why I moved here and why I cant remember anything before.

~ ~

I woke up on the floor in a old apartment building in what seemed to be my apartment. There were pictures of me and people I don't know, furniture I don't remember buying, and leftover food in the fridge that I don't even remember cooking or eating.
"What is going on here?" I said, digging around in a purse that I found for some sort of identification. When I found what seemed to be my ID.

Lilly Anna King

800 Progressway, 321 the Grables

Jacksonville, FL 32210

Sex: F 
H: 5'03 
Eyes : green 
Hair: brown

Birth date: 07-25-1995

I tried my best to find some type of normal flow of life, but I couldn't. Strange people kept approaching me, asking me strange questions, and calling me by a name that wasn't my own. They kept repeating it and repeating it. Like they were asking a God to save them. So in fear, I ran away from it all and moved to a small neighborhood. Where there would be quiet, unassuming people. In a quiet unassuming place where I could just live. Well that is what I thought until last night.

Who was that ?


A/N : he-he I almost forgot (( vale flos meus dilectus )) = (( goodbye my beloved flower ))

In latin anything in a different language will be underlined.

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