The Nephilim series: The Demon Summit

Lilly was dropped off, stripped of her memories of who she was and where she came from. Desperate to find something normal and constant,she moved to a small quiet town, but not everything is what it seems. Making new grand partners along the way, Lilly will find out whom she is, and why was she abandoned like such.


6. New Friends

 Tense, suffocating.
It's so hard to breathe.... I think I passed out when that guy pushed me into the floor.... 
Where am I? 
... It hurts ... I can't seem to catch my breath. It's hard to breath... I can't breathe. I can't breathe! Help me! Someone?! Somebody wake me up!

~12:00 Am Eastern Standard Time ~

I woke up on the floor next to my bed in the salt circle I laid to calm my new friend's nerves about ghost and demons. The first thing I felt and saw was blonde hair lightly brushing over my face and lips pressed hard against mine. I quickly push her off of me, and turn over proceeding to cough up a thin white fluid that had invaded my lungs, my nose, and tears ducks. It burned and made my eyes water with the same liquid. The more I teared up the more it burned me. A shrill giggle came from behind me.

"What's wrong, Suga? Bank's closed?" Came a smooth sultry voice from behind me in a excited chirp.

"I'll take a check if your not up to it, Sweetheart."

I picked my self up off the floor, stumbling only to be steadied by Christina, or who I thought was Christina. Something was ...different. Her eyes that were a usual glacier in the cold waters, were now replaced by blood crimson seas and oil slick slits for pupils. The whites of her eyes were no longer white, but black. Blacker then the darkest night in winter. You could see your downfall in those eyes.  I pushed her off of me.

"Who are you? What have you done with Christina?! " I said, walking shakily to my bathroom to wash my face and mouth out.

"How rude. No thank you for the person who busted their chops to save ya life? Performing CPR isn't easy ya know. If I didn't, that stuff would have burned your lungs right out." she said in a pouty tone, crossing her arms and pushing out her bottom lip.  I must of hurt her feeling, cause she sure acted like it.

"Look that doesn't change the fact that I don't know you, and you are possessing someone I think is a friend and if you don't identify yourself and leave, so help me" I said, poking my finger into  Christina's chest at a lame attempt at intimidation.

Obviously I was all talk. I was scared of her, so sacred. Scared of the world in my dreams I was just in. Scared of the fact that what I saw was real and tangible. Scared of the look in those crimson eyes, and what lays beyond the door that let out screams in my dream.

And she knew that.

She could see the shaking in my hands. She knew I was scared

"You know who I am. I mean we just met. Didja forget me already? I'm Mauwdette, from your dream not even five minutes ago. Your friend Christina and I made a deal. I would stop hanging around her dreams, if she would let me borrow her body from time to time." she said, gently removing my hand from her chest and pulling me close to her for a hug.

"Don't worry, I'm not gonna hurt ya. I have been waiting all my days for you to show up" she said, hugging me tight as I squirmed for freedom.

What does she mean she has been waiting for me? Why me? I'm just ordinary. 
I pulled back enough, so that I can look her in her eyes.

"Look Mauwdette, I don't- " 
I was quickly cut off by her lightly pinching my lips shut.

This is weird.

"Just think of me as your new friend."

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