The Nephilim series: The Demon Summit

Lilly was dropped off, stripped of her memories of who she was and where she came from. Desperate to find something normal and constant,she moved to a small quiet town, but not everything is what it seems. Making new grand partners along the way, Lilly will find out whom she is, and why was she abandoned like such.


5. Mental Spaces

The room was crumbling around me, spreading from the foot hole that I put in the floor all the way to the chandelier on the ceiling. 
"Oh gosh! Oh geez! "

Running around aimlessly I try to figure a way out of this red nightmare of a room that I found myself in. I ran over to the door jumping over the cracks and splits in the floor. I jiggled, pulled, and pushed the door until the door handle ripped off, turning to shining silver dust in my hands.

"Well that's fantastic! 
I scramble more desperately, looking for a way out. 
"Help me with my demon, she said. It's scary, she said. IT WILL BE FINE, I SAID! This is the reason why I have trust issues!!"

The space shook and trembled, and I lost hope of finding an exit. But just then a hole, barely big enough to fit your arm through, opened in the wall. Seeing it as the only way out I sprinted over and clawed at it making it as big as possible. Bracing my shoulder I stepped back and rammed into the wall. The wall, being surprisingly more brittle then I thought, broke easily, and I fell through into a bright white abyssal void.

was probably the only thing I felt, thought, and Pterodactyl screeched into the practical emptiness of white and bright. I reached around for something to grab hold of as I gradually fell closer and closer to what looks like the end.

I see the ground getting closer and closer. I shut my eyes tight and braces myself for impact.

30 feet...

20 feet...

15 feet...

10 feet...

5 fee-...

I stopped? Or rather, I was caught. A strong yet delicate pair of arms were holding me up. It made me feel so relieved and strangely nostalgic. I open my eyes to see the face of my savior.

"Don't open them just yet."
A strange voice rang out through the air. An authoritative tone, but he still sounded gentle. My eyes stayed shut.

"Didn't your mother tell you if your die in your dream, you die in the real life? " he said with a pompous huff. It annoyed me only a little.

"No.. this is my first time in this ...this uh .. where is this? 
I never took the time to find out where in the world I was.

"Your in the Dreamscape. It's a place in REM sleep where your dreams are the realest".
He set me down on the ground, and gently covered my eyes.

"What are you doing!? " 
I moved his hand from my face, confused at the sudden contact. He put his hand back where it was.

"I'm sending you back where you came from, since you obviously don't know how to get back. " he said, a bit smug at his superiority in this situation, as where I was ignorant. 
"Don't worry. I'll do it with elegance."

Wow this guy has a ego. What a jerk.

Putting a hand on my hip, and frowning my brows 
"Well, how are you gonna do that? Since you obviously know everything."

"You don't know that much at least?! I thought since you are -... nevermind forget it.
He paused as if realizing something important. I heard him breath in deeply.
"I'll send you back like this.
Using the hand that was over my eyes, he gripped the side of my head and slammed me down on the floor.

"OH YOU - " instead of feeling the pain of the impact that I thought I would, I was pushed through the floor and slipped under it, like a diver going into ocean water.

"It's time to wake up."

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