The Shadow

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  • Published: 13 Aug 2017
  • Updated: 13 Aug 2017
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shadow in the house and fear in all people


2. Family Inside the House

One day one family lived in the house they have four members.

They don't know this house is haunted.

One day they rest in the room and they saw that the roof has footprints.

He got scared.

They thought there is something in the house.

One night boy was sleep inside the room and he felt that there is someone behind him he got scared and he not move all night behind.

He know that was something wrong and suddenly he see the shadow and he scared.

Scary  face scary eyes feet behind scary voice.

All family are very danger in the house.

Women face are blue and girl body insert the red mark.

Paranormal men inside the house and he say u all danger and they don't forget u.

All family say please  help and pray for god save it.

Men say forget this house and don't say anything this house activity

They forget the house and they are all happy in life.


Life is beautiful but never say that bad for ghost……..




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