note on my wall


1. california girl

"Bree Williams?" my new english teacher calls out across the classroom.

a dark-haired, fair skinned girl in overalls and french braids raises her hand. she smiles and flashes her perfect smile. ugh.

"Blake Jones?" i raise my hand and everyone turns to look at me.

a new name. fresh blood.

"Ahhhh Blake, the newest edition to our class. Why don't you come up to the front and share a bit about yourself?" Mrs. Monti smiles.

I stand up and run my hand through my long, golden hair. i walk up to where she's standing, trying not to walk too fast but not too slow.

"I'm Blake. i moved here from san diego after......I'm Blake." i smile and nervously shuffle back to my seat.

i notice a black haired boy staring at my from across the classroom. i ignore it and flip to the first page of my blue notebook, scribbling the date across the top of the page.

after class, a red-haired girl in a sweater crop top and black leggings confronts me at my locker.

"hey. i'm leah. i'm in your english class, you probably didn't notice me." she smiles nervously as i shut my locker and smile back at her.

"hi i'm blake. i like your top." i reply and she instantly smiles wider.

"i was wondering if you maybe wanted to eat lunch with me in the courtyard. i can get there early so we get a seat. the cafeteria isn't really my scene, plus it's sticky and loud." she laughs nervously and i feel bad.

"sure. that sounds great." i grin and head to my next class, history.

in history the girl in front of me is extremely helpful and nice. her name's jenna and i invite her to have lunch with me and leah. she agrees to meet at my locker right before lunch.

a few minutes before jenna arrives at my locker for lunch, the boy who was staring at me in english is suddenly by my side.

"blake, i'm ethan. i just wanted to let you know that you look beautiful today." he grins and i can't tell if he's being genuine or not.

"thank you." i reply and he nods and rubs his feet together.

"maybe i could show you around town after school?" he asks and my heart melts.

"i'm sorry, i have to help my mom unpack. you know, the moving life. but for sure a different day." i smile and wrap him in a loose, friendly hug.

then i join jenna...and we're off to lunch.

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