can we stay like this forever?

none of my characters are vampires, Elenas parents haven´t been through the car accident. this is my first story EVER so bare with me. :)


1. first chapter

Elena POV

My cereals were no longer crispy and soaked from the milk. I looked down at the table in front me and I could not remember what time Boonie had told me we were gonna meet outside my house. I grabbed my bookbag, took a last look in the mirror and opened my front door. I was ready for a new day in school.

I felt my phone buzz in my pocket. It was Bonnie texting me, saying that she did not feel well and wasn´t coming to school. So I began walking by myself down the street. I only had five minutes so I started jogging. Out of nowhere a grey and white cat came running right in front of me. I didnt wanna step on it so I stopped, which caused me to fall. I could feel the pain pound in my knee. it wasnt bad but the sudden fall had scared me. Trying to stand up only made me look like a drunk person so I sat on the ground like a three year old who fell off their bike.

"Are you okay?" I Heard an unfamiliar, soft voice behind me. The look on his face was worried. "It is my cat, so I asume I am responsible for that" he said, making an excusing facial expression while looking at my knee. I looked up at him and we both became silent for a moment. Who was this guy? had I seen him before? no, I was quite sure I had not. I got interrupted from our thoughts when he shyly reached ot his hand for me to take it. I accepted the gesture and he helped me up. his hands left mine slowly and he apologized one more time. I told him I was fine.

Stefan POV

was it supose to be this quiet? I wouldn`t consider it as akward but I still had to say something. "I`m Stefan by the way" I said, hoping that she would tell me her name as well.  "Elena" she said after a while. "I need to be in school in about... oh I actually should have been there two minutes ago but I`ll see you around? she asked carefully while putting her bookbag strap over her left shoulder. She really was Beautiful, with her perfect, straight, long, Brown hair and a Little color on her cheeks. "yeah, I`ll see you around" I had to. I had to see her again.

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