Lonely Writer

Sitting alone in the night with nothing to do. Just write what I feel and please. When I am lonely and thinking of you, I write. It keeps my mind off of my troubles and pain.


1. Lonely Writer

It seems I stay lonely

So I hit the keys

As I watch the mouse

I don't admit much about what I gain


I searched to find

Then I always come back

At another time

I'm just a lonely writer


I had friends but they was not there

No one wanted to be around

My body was strong

And I wanted you along


I am cool

I go by my rules

Games I won't play

I just want to be alone


I do not know everything

There are things I need to learn

Popular I am not

I don't know the reason


Friday night late

I got tired

I hit the keys

Loneliness I crave


Never enough for me

Where am I supposed to be

I close my eyes

I am a loner


I am lost

Who am I?

You won't find me

I'm just a writer


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