heaven hold us

Earth is chaos after war, a rebellion is rising in Heaven, and Hell is coming

Galen, a guardian angel turned rogue, is on her own vendetta to make things right. But anger is a dangerous fuel and she is lighting the embers on fire. Battle is inevitable, leaving everyone with few choices. And Galen needs to realize that destroying the world is not the same as saving it.


2. 1 | hell comes with fire


“Give yourself up,” she heard the voice, as always, her guardian spoke as husky rust. The same man who had taught her to fight until her heart wasn’t pumping, asked her to surrender. Her wings were still shielding the Nephilim, as if her feathers could protect him from Hell’s fire. How had the man she trusted turned into an enemy?

Her wings quivered by the sight of hellhounds; they were going to tear their way through her shield if they had to. She hissed like a snake ready to bite, the huge, golden feathers loomed from her back in a menacing shade. It was inevitable that here, fighting would get her killed, but there was no way she would give up.

She took a step back, forcing the man behind her to do the same. She could almost feel his heartbeat, steady and calm considering the situation. He was doomed, and yet she was protecting him. Though, she wasn’t doing a very good job. Running was their last resort, and even this had no guarantee of surviving. All their option seemed to end with the same conclusion, surrender or die.

“Galen, please,” by the sound of her name, she felt a brief moment of setback in her plan. She was about to leave everything, could she really do it? The man felt her doubt; she could hear the heartbeat pump irregularly by her hesitation. However, she had come too far to back out now. She had made a promise to this man, and Angels did not break their word.

Like a clockwork, she revolved around in a wave of dust. The man grabbed her outstretched hand, and let her pull him up in a hard movement. Gunfire killed the silence of night, as she took off, carrying the man above the desert.

Howls and cries carving through bones filled the night, the sound of Hell raising the alarm. The hounds would follow them to the end of the world, trained exactly like her. The only way to lose one of Hell’s warriors, were to kill them.

Her wings throbbed through the night, leaving dust and desert in chaos below them. Hot air stroke her feathers as a reminder of what waited if she was caught, a fate she would not endure. She flew closer to the ground, the man’s feet scratching against the sand, and with another turn, she let him go. He fell to the ground, quickly rolling over and setting off into a run.

Galen stroke her wings through the wind, causing a storm around her as she soared low. The hounds were visible as black shades nearing fast with a terrible smell of Death. She landed, her hands closing around a Seraph dagger, drawn from her belt. She blocked the first dogs teeth with a swift movement, making it wheeze like a wounded animal. With another move, she stabbed the dagger into the side of a beast, tainting the blade with inked blood. The hound fell, not moving again.

Her wing stroke the third and last hellhound, knocking it over with a thud. She buried the blade between its eyes, making it silent as night. As she turned, the last hound had gone.

She took off in flash, bolting as a lightning across the sky. The Nephilim wasn’t hard to smell, she had tracked his kind for years. A sweet, wooden scent led her towards the south, where a silhouette fought its way forward. She downed like a meteor ready to crash. The hellhound was approaching the man, preparing for the killing strike. Gunshots shocked the silence, as the man rapidly fired at the beast. His bullets would have no effect on the creature.

Then Galen hit her target. The hound and herself was tossed through the air, rolling in a pile of fur and feathers. The dog wheezed and barked, its jaws fighting to get a grip around her neck. She sought for its weak spot, twisting her hand until finally, the dagger found its way through the beast’s heart. It jerked for a second as they stopped rolling, then it was dead.

Her bones were cold as she stood, her eyes seeking for the man. She found him standing, still pointing the gun towards the beast.

“He’s dead,” she stated, closing the body’s eyes. She inspected her own body for wounds, but found nothing but scrapes and bruises. Hell had lost most tonight. She glanced to the horizon, wondering why her guardian hadn’t followed them. After all this time, she thought he would be the one to take her down. However, there was no sign of him anywhere on the sky. He had left her, again.

“I thought you would leave me,” the man noted. She wasn’t sure if he expected an answer, so she didn’t give him one. Instead she started walking. By the sound of sand being crushed behind her, she knew the man was following.




The city walls met them as giants.

Henrietta was one of the standing metropolises in America, and taking cover in the huge city seemed as a valid option. She needed a plan if they wanted to stay alive. Her wings gave a shiver, covering themselves for curious eyes. The man beside her breathed in heavily, as the feathers became invisible.

They passed through gates guarded by men, who didn’t seem to find them suspicious. Once inside the walls, they would be more safe. Galen had to resist the urge to run through the passage, there was no reason to draw attention to themselves. Still, it felt like an eternity as they crossed security and the outer perimeter.

“I didn’t even believe in Angels,” Galen turned, as the man spoke quietly beside her. He smiled, but it didn’t reach his eyes. The man seemed miserable, he stood with shoulders hanging and head cocked as he watched her, probably wondering if she would leave him now.

“My name is Cal, by the way,” he said, offering his hand. They had reached the border to the main city, lights hadn’t been set up around them, hiding their silhouettes in the dark. She didn’t like to stop, but accepted his hand anyway.

Her lips parted to tell her name, when a flash of light lit the place up. For a second, she held his hand, clenching it as if letting go would mean the end. However, it was already too late. The Nephilim, Cal, fell to his knees as a hole in his chest had stopped his heart. There was no soul left in his body, and Galen only held on for a few more moments before letting go. She carefully laid the man’s body on the ground, closing his eyes with two fingers as the only goodbye she could give him. Then she ran.

No one fired at her, even though she was an easy target before vanishing in the city’s crowds, there were no flashes aimed towards her. She kept running though, pushing her way through people on the streets, not caring about their angry responds. She ran three miles, before letting herself stop and feel. With heavy breaths, she sat down in a dirty alley as emotions overwhelmed her.

Her wings were revolting, a stinging taste of betrayal filling her mouth. Her guardian had done this, he had doomed Cal to his fate. An angel had caused the death of a Nephilim and joined forces with Hell. She could feel tears on her cheeks, but she didn’t wipe them away. Cal deserved to be mourned and as she let his death bury within her, an anger rose inside. The world would feel her vengeance.

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