The Leaky Cauldron 3

A year has passed since Harry Potter was at The Leaky Cauldron. When, he, Ron, and Hermoine, attempt to find Draco Malfoy there, they find he is attempting to get Dark Art spells from Borkin and Burkes in Knockturn Alley.


2. Flourish and Blotts


Harry Potter stared at the old magic shop in Diagon Alley. He was thinking that first time he went there was when he was eleven when he first saw Rebus Hagrid, the tall giant. Hagrid, the ex-Hogwarts student, was the gamekeeper. He knew what it meant to buy from Gringotts Wizard Bank that was owned by goblins. When Harry's parents, Lily and James Potter, had died at the hands of Lord Voldemort, they asked the bank to hold onto the magic money for their son just in case he was old enough to attend Hogworts School of Magic and Wizardry. Unfortunately Harry was hidden away from view at the Muggle parents who didn't believe in magic. Uncle Vernon Dursley and his wife Petunia, always warned Harry not to use magic at all; Dudley Dursley, their thirteen year overweight son, was a muggle bully. After Harry used magic at the zoo, he knew he was different. And when Hagrid showed him to Diagon Alley, and helped him buy a wand, magical items for class, and a nice black coloured robe, he knew he was a wizard. He also wore glasses. As he went to ​Tattered Books on Advanced Magic-Class Three​, by Sherman J. Harrison, he smiled to himself. Afterwards  he saw Ron Weasley and his brothers George and Fred. Ginny Weasley was shopping with Hermoine Granger. When she noticed Harry, Ginny blushed like a red rose. "Harry!", Ginny said. She smiled at him as she saw Crookshanks, Hermoine's cat, was asleep. Harry blinked his eyes. "Ginny, how are you doing?", he asked her. "I'm fine", she answered. And, after they reached Platform 93/4, the young wizards checked their watches. It was 10:50 AM.

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