The Relias

Every person in Relias receives their mark, an indication of ability, when they become twelve. Humans are now classified by the strength and the usefulness of their ability.


4. The Witnessing

Chapter Four

The Witnessing

While the "fake" Rale was standing in front of the army of soldiers, the "real" Rale was witnessing the situation from one of the windowless buildings nearby the area.

"What is that..." Rale could only watch the situation from afar, but he noticed that the "fake" version of him saw him from the distance. His odd smile gave Rale the answer to this person's identity.

"Uncle Grey..." He was the only one who would make such faces. Somewhat lazy and complaining, but caring.

As the conversation with the commander had ended, just before he had slaughtered him, Uncle Grey glanced toward Rale and spoke another word so quiet that no one else heard it, even Rale himself. However, he knew what these words meant.


Something had exploded inside of Rale. He had already noticed that thousands of townsman were killed by the attack, he had already seen the despair of the people who lost their loved ones in this mess, but something stronger that had been forcing to release something inside of him. Tiny fragments of memories were connected from his mind, and an answer had come to his head. 

He noticed that the reason why Uncle Grey had worried about the activation ceremony wasn't because of the fact that it was tiring, it was because of the fact this could have happened. Rale diverged in the depth of guilty now that he realized what had caused this situation.

"Uncle Grey and other townsman...." Rale squeezed his head tight with his head. Though he wanted to roar out all of the discomfort he had, he could only wait. Wait for this situation to be under control.


Rale had felt surge of guilt, anger, and the feeling of being useless. For the first time in his life, he had desired the ultimate power, an ability that would bring end to this situation. An ancient language had appeared from his heart, it traveled to his shoulders, to his neck, and to eyes

"Kuuugggghhhh" He covered his eyes from its intense pain. He had felt has if his eye was on fire, as if something was being engraved on his eyes. He couldn't notice the rough footstep due to the pain.

"I knew that you were here!" One of the soldiers came to the building. He had noticed about his whereabouts because of "fake" Rale's constant glancing. He was desperate on earning credit but the biggest chance of fortune had appeared in front of his eyes.

"How would you like to die, brat..." The soldier had noticed something strange. Any child would be surprised of this situation, but the boy standing in front of him was surprised or startled at all. It was the exact opposite.

"Are you my foe or companion?" Rale asked the soldier, who was now struggling in fear.

"What is this? From this brat?" The soldier calmed down and attempted to pierce him with his lightning spear. 

However, when Rale had straightly faced the soldier, he had noticed that he wasn't the one killing him. He was the one killed by him. Rale's eye now had a swirling texture into his eyes, as if it was describing the unstable feelings that he had possessed.

A violent wave of spark could be seen on the boy's palm. It was the similar that of a Darias's ability. He grabbed the table knife and conducted the electricity using the silverware. One shallow stab to the metal armor caused him to pass out as if he was a frog on a conductivity test. 

"..." Rale felt empty now. 




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