The Relias

Every person in Relias receives their mark, an indication of ability, when they become twelve. Humans are now classified by the strength and the usefulness of their ability.


2. The "Revolution"

Chapter Two

The "Revolution"

"Uncle Grey! You know what they it is today?" Rale, lively and filled with energy, came up to Uncle Grey, who was sitting on his brown antique chair as usual. Uncle Grey seems to be rather lifeless yet somewhat happy about the news.

"Isn't it great? Uncle Grey!" Rale's voice echoed through the room. Uncle Grey was somewhat irritated by it.

"Now...Now...Is there anything you wish for your birthday?" Uncle Grey responded to Rale with somewhat worried look. From the Rale's perspective, it seemed as if it was Uncle Grey worrying about how much the special day would bother him. However, it wasn't such difficult request.

"I want to go to the Temple and verify my ability!" Rale's idea caused Uncle Grey to be surprised. His eyes widened from the surprise, his always stern expression gave up, and his expression was full of worry. However, before he was able to say anything, Rale grabbed onto Uncle Grey's shirt, dragging him all the way to the temple. Uncle Grey refused at the beginning but he soon walked along with rale.

Uncle Grey looked like a mid-aged man, but in reality, he was only twenty five. Compared to his strict and hardened expression, Rale's easygoing and bright personality showed how different these two were. Uncle Grey has soft white hair, resembling that of a snow, fascinating pair of white eyes, and and wheres white shirt and a pair of white shoes. In comparison, Rale had a hair as dark as a charcoal and a eye that was as dark as the depth of the never ending trench. He always favored his black vest and a black pants. Those two had rather differentiating features.

After few minutes, the two had set their foot into the temple, where the ceremony manager had prepared those around his age to reveal their abilities. Children who uses their ability were to be reported to a Temple because of the danger of using an ability for the first time. Ceremony managers are specialized in managing the dangerous situation. The ceremony was performed on a considerably large building, surrounded by large pillars, and on top of the large flat surface of the stage. 

"Hey, Rale!" Darias, one of Rale's friend, greeted Rale with welcoming tone. He was the next one in the line to reveal their abilities. On the snowing last day of December, many children gathered to reveal their abilities. It was to celebrate before the beginning of the next year. 

"Who is next?" The ceremony manager called out to the next children.

"Well, I am going in first!" Darias entered the stage. 

When Darias had laid himself down in the middle of the stage, surrounded by the ancient carvings indicating the activation of the ability, a light shined from the mysterious carvings. An X shaped marking appeared from Darias's wrist. When the X mark had been completely engraved to his wrist, his ability activated for the first time. A spark of a lightning had appeared in front of his wrist, but its destructiveness wasn't overwhelming at all. It may have seemed insufficient to be compared to that of  the fantasy like image we had been expecting. However its density and power output has been proven to be somewhat useful, he had the Third Tier ability.

Next was Rale. He walked to the middle of the stage, set down, and prepared himself for the activation. 

"!?" The ceremony managers found some difficulties. He began to notify the other managers and came to a conclusion.

"Your ability wasn't able to be activated by ordinary use. It might be better for you to wait naturally until you find your activation type..." The ceremony manager answered.

"..." Rale felt as if his entire world had been shattered. He was the only one from his age group to not have an ability. Not to mention the fact that there are only handful with abilities that require special activation. His heart raced, his eyes lost its focus, and he wasn't able to stand up from his current location.

What could be worse for him?



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