The Relias

Every person in Relias receives their mark, an indication of ability, when they become twelve. Humans are now classified by the strength and the usefulness of their ability.


3. The Nightmare

Chapter Three

The Nightmare

One of the most embarrassing event that one could ever imagine in their life is to be classified as Zero Tier. It was a rank prepared for those who weren't able to activate their ability with an ordinary method. The once cheerful Rale had sunk down to that of a lifeless creature. 

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa" Rale wasn't able to speak another word. He felt miserable. 

"..." Uncle Grey looked as if he had worried about him.

"Rale, think of this as a nightmare, one that you can't believe what you see in that dream."

"Dream? What is the point of that now?" Rale complained, but he felt drowsy. His eyes lost focus.

"" Rale fell asleep. 

"If only Master could of seen this," Uncle Grey thought to himself. He closed his eyes and tilted his head toward the sky. It was as if he was trying to sense something dangerous. His expression wasn't appreciative now.

"But it seems that now is the time for me to join her," Uncle Grey spoke with aggressiveness as he glared down the southern horizon. He knew that something was coming for two of them. Something inevitable.

"Fate truly is unavoidable, isn't it?"

Grey hurried to the house, carrying Rale on top of his shoulders. He carefully hid Rale on one of the deepest areas of the shelf and equipped himself with a [Grail Blade(Tier 7)],[Armor of Bravery(Tier 6)], and [Explosive Potions(Tier 4)]. By the time that he had rushed outside of the house, the entire town was already burning.

"KILL EVERYONE OF THE VILLAGERS!" The leader of raid lead the hundreds of intermediate ability users. 

"ARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Uncle Grey, compared to his usual relaxed attitude, revealed the sign of utmost anger and the dedication toward protecting the town. 

[Rias Grey] the Seventh Tier Illusion user fought against the army on his own. He had created an illusion of monsters, but these were eventually found out to be ineffective when the commander verified that it was only an illusion. When the enemy was about to attack again, Rias illusion to recreate the army of soldiers resembling that of the enemies. The soldiers, confused and fighting among themselves, were eventually assassinated by Rias, who took turns between changing his illusions. It seems to be working great until the moment that the commander set out to fight himself.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!" Commander's roar had shattered all of the illusion soldiers. Only Rias had remained, and he knew that he stood no chance against them now. He used his final move.

"Are you?" The commander stood in front of Uncle Rias.

"I am Exrale Graium Krais! The last descendant of Graium Royal Household!" 

Uncle Grey's last move was to make himself Rale using his own illusion.

"We were ordered to eliminate you, before you activate that special ability of yours," The commander unsheathed his blade, he placed the blade on Uncle Grey's throat with intimidating expression.

"Would you die here peacefully or would you resist?"

"Promise me that you wouldn't do anything to the survivors."

"In the name of King's Subordinate, Orion, I will guarantee you,"

When this conversation had ended, Uncle Grey's body was brutally killed by the Commander's unknown ability. Rias Grey's death could have been mystery, but the fact that Rale had watched him from nearby had changed the entire world. This one witnessing brought the greatest change to the Graium Kingdom. 


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