The Relias

Every person in Relias receives their mark, an indication of ability, when they become twelve. Humans are now classified by the strength and the usefulness of their ability.


5. The Letter

Chapter Five

The Letter

When the army of soldiers had confirmed their target's death, the only thing that had remained was couple of broken down buildings, ashes of the inflamed, and the grim expression of the those who were alive. Not a single person was aware of what was happening and none of them had clue of what to do next.

"..." Rale silently walked down the collapsed one-story building that was once used to be his house. He had begun to search every segment of areas for a clue, a clue for the truth. 

"!?" Rale had found hidden trapdoor below the broken chair, it was the one that Uncle Grey claimed that he had accidentally stabled it down to the floor. When Rale had used a hammer with a spark enhancing it, the lock had been broken open. Rale climbed down the downward ladder.

What Rale had found hidden basement was a moderate sized room with a desk and piles of letters that had been torn apart. Only few of them had remained untouched and had been formally placed down in the desk, as if it had been planned for long period of time. Rale read the letter aloud.

Dear Rale,

If you had found this letter, then I am most likely to be dead. I couldn't afford giving you such burden from this single fact alone. I prefer you to stop reading this and live a normal life. I would rather have you live a normal life than be involved in this trouble. My soul will rest in peace regardless. 

That was the end of the first letter, the one that had been formally placed on the desk. Rale moved on to the ones that had been stacked up in the piles of the letters, the one of the top with the destroyed letters.

To Heir of Graium Household, Exrale Graium Krais:

The Graiums are the household that produces the humans with the "ability that holds strong potential". The founder of this household has been known to create this country with this ability alone. Humans who were born with this ability can not activate their ability using normal methods. One can only activate them from the deepest wounds that one can imagine. Humans with this ability will be facing limitations that will be burdensome to them. However, if one forms contract with the beasts or kills them, then they are able to bypass these limitation and transcend to the new level.

Rale finally decided what to do. 

There were two choices that were given to him: Normal life or life that had been meant for him. 

He decided to choose the third choice: Living a life that would greatly change the world.

Exrale Krais's story begins from this point. 



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