The Relias

Every person in Relias receives their mark, an indication of ability, when they become twelve. Humans are now classified by the strength and the usefulness of their ability.


1. Life Collides with Another

Chapter One

Life Collides with Another

In Relias, the mark is the one and only indication of strength. This indication, resembling that of a tattoo, appears on any children at the age of twelve, deciding their fate once and for forever. One's maximum potential, talent, and such will be decisive by this simple marking. Although their abilities are derived from their parents, there were still exceptions. When a simple farmer's son gained high ranking ability, then his life will be full of fortunes, but, on the other hand, those who were born with low ranking ability will be crawling in the bottom of the society. One of the main reasons why the humanity wasn't able to develop was because of this universal role. 

The technology of this world stays in rather Renaissance environment. The roads were stone-paved, the houses were built solely by the woods, and many of the scientific facts nor medical technologies were known, only that of the healing ability users. 

For the classification of an ability, twelve tiers exists as a boundary. 

-First to Third Tier - (Elementary Rank) Given to those who are working in the agriculture or outside of the major cities. Ability sufficient enough to protect themselves from danger. 

-Fourth to Sixth Tier - (Intermediate Rank) Given to those who are residing in major cities. Ability used to subjugate the demons and monsters and protect the city.

-Seventh to Ninth Tier - (Advanced Rank) Given to those who are qualified to become the knights or the guards on the royal palace. Each one of these users are known to be influential to the nation.

-Tenth to Twentieth Tier - (Legendary Rank) Given to those who have surpassed the limits of humanity. Each one of these individuals are comparable to that of a small country's entire military force. Only handful of them exists in this world and all of them have been affiliated with certain country. 

...As the textbook says... Apparently...

Anyways, this fact didn't appeal to Rale Krais, who was simply a boy who lived in a farm. He was eleven as of this year, and he will eventually be twelve few month later. He has always been wondering what type of ability he would be gaining. His uncle, Rale's mother's younger brother, couldn't tell who his parents were and what ability they had. Regardless of the fact, he had always looked forward till he was twelve.

"If I have high ranking ability, then wouldn't I be able to make this town better?" 

That was his logic. Simple yet caring. 

Reed Grey, somewhat dumbfounded, could only smile at his childish comments.

Life was normal and ordinary for him until the day that everything happened.

The day that Rale became the worst avenger. 




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