Years after leaving a toxic Earth, the citizens of the Lumina Hope Space Station live under a tyrant named Galen Thesial. He gets rid of any who don't fit in his world. One such person was 16 year-old Doctor Onyx Synn. Blamed for the death of a patient, Onyx is sent away from the station to Earth. There he runs into the Rejects, who, upon learning he was a doctor, take him captive.
Follow Onyx as he struggles in his new life on the destroyed planet called Earth


1. Year 2097 | Prologue

War had ravaged the world for over fifty years. The world’s population, which had reached twelve billion, dwindled down to only a few million. A truce was reached between the powerhouse countries of America, Russia, China, France, Australia, and Japan, who joined with China, in hopes to save what was left of the race, but the damage had already been done. The world was suffering from the effects of the nuclear war. 
Earth was dying.
The New Dawning Conference, as the countries called themselves, started brainstorming ideas to prevent the extinction of the human race. It was America that came up with the best solution. A space station that would sit just outside of Earth’s exosphere, where Earth’s gravity would keep it in place until the radiation faded from Earth. It would be able to house two million of the declining race.
The NDC split apart to complete preparations: America and Japan building the station, Russia and China gathering the plant life and animals that would keep the station supplied with oxygen and food, and Australia was put in charge of picking who out of the remaining four and a half million would be able to board the station as well as securing the technology that they would use to teach the children that would be born on the station. 
Eleven years after the NDC’s creation, on May 10, 2108, the Lumina Hope Space Station, named after its creator, the twenty-eight year old engineering prodigy Lumina Alexandra Hope, launched for the first time. The next six months were spent sending everyone up to the LHSS. 
The LHSS was a success. Lumina and her colleagues split the work required to run the station into sections, delegating it to the ones most suited for the task with Lumina leading the engineering department and Lumina’s best friend, Azurre Castel, leading the NDC itself. 
Life on the LHSS settled down for a while and Lumina married another engineer by the name of Holden Jones. They had a daughter that they named Larissa. Larissa became famous in her own right; she was the first baby born on the LHSS. She proved to be as much of an engineering genius as her mother. Later in life Larissa married an Arabic surgeon by the name of Samal Alseid and had a daughter.  After several generations passed the Hope line seemed to only produce girls and the LHSS citizens entertained the idea that there was a curse on the family.
The LHSS lived through many years of peace. People were happily oblivious to all things that disrupted that peace; the NDC squashed them before anyone realized what was happening. However, in the year 2286, a new threat presented itself in the form of 20 year old Sindel Thesial. Sindel overthrew Lexin Castel, the last male descendent of Azurre Castel who still bore the Castel name and leader of the NDC.
With the death of Lexin the NDC fell under Sindel’s reign, which was vaguely reminiscent of Adolf Hitler’s centuries ago. The peace that the citizens were used to shattered. He had the LHSS Police Force eating out of the palm of his hand and the citizens were in constant fear of the harsh punishments he gave. Rebellion was a thought that wasn’t entertained very long. Even in death, Sindel’s 40 year reign of terror didn’t end. His sons carried on his legacy.
Eventually, one of Sindel’s descendants enacted a new death sentence for criminals. For any capital offense, such as murder, attempted murder, and rape, the one responsible was banished to the deadly planet known as Earth.


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