Years after leaving a toxic Earth, the citizens of the Lumina Hope Space Station live under a tyrant named Galen Thesial. He gets rid of any who don't fit in his world. One such person was 16 year-old Doctor Onyx Synn. Blamed for the death of a patient, Onyx is sent away from the station to Earth. There he runs into the Rejects, who, upon learning he was a doctor, take him captive.
Follow Onyx as he struggles in his new life on the destroyed planet called Earth


3. June 4, 2417 | Chapter Two ~ Aleczander Vesper | 3:46 P.M.

Alec made his way through the thick trees that had taken over Earth. His senses were finely tuned to pick up any noises, whether animal or other. The Kreaturen hadn’t been a problem recently, but Alec knew not to get complacent. A rustle from the underbrush beside him caused Alec to fall into a defensive crouch. He was so focused on the bush he never saw Nova walk up behind him. She tapped his shoulder and nearly died laughing when he gave a pride-destroying shriek.
“Nova!” Alec cursed at the tall woman.
“Aleczander Vesper, do you realize how long you’ve been out here?” Alec straightened at the sound of his full name; he was in trouble.
He smiled sheepishly, “No?”
Nova glared at him, quickly changing from playful to cynical. “Get your ass back to camp this instant before I get Luna to do it for you.”
Alec’s eyes widened at the very real threat; Nova was scary, but her twin was downright terrifying. Alec quickly collected his things, slinging his handcrafted bow over his back.
He followed Nova back to the camp. Nova slowed as they neared the gates. Luna was on guard duty that day along with on of the younger kids and Nova waved to her twin before nodding to the other guard. The guard left and Luna rounded on Alec.
“What the hell were you doing out there that took so long?” Luna spat at the man.
“Hunting,” he offered the irate woman weakly.
Luna leveled her most menacing I-will-destroy-you-and-laugh-while-doing-it glare at him. Alec hid behind Nova, not at all afraid to admit that Luna scared the crap out of him.
Luna sighed, “Alec, Nova and I love you like the little brother we never had, but you have to stop running off into the forest every five seconds. We’re going to go prematurely gray if you don’t stop disappearing for hours without telling anyone.”
Alec hugged the elder Thred twin, “Sorry, Luna.”
Nova moved to Alec’s other side, “It’s alright, baby bro.”
“Nova, don’t ever call me that again. You’re only two years older than me,” Alec growled, flicking Nova’s arm.
The twins just laughed. Alec grumbled at them as he danced away from their tickling fingers. They stopped squirming when a bright light streaked across the sky above them.
“What was that?” Luna stepped back, craning her neck to see over the trees. An earthquake rocked the ground underneath them as the thing landed. Luna and Nova grabbed each other to keep from falling over. Alec wasn’t so fortunate and ended up landing heavily on his ass.
“The hell?” he cursed, standing again.
Curious as to what fell from the sky, Alec began to move toward the forest. Luna and Nova shared a glance before moving to follow their adopted brother through the trees.
Alec’s bow was strung and both Luna and Nova had their knives drawn. They were all in a defensive crouch as they got closer to the crash site. Luna flanked Alec’s left while Nova settled at his right side.  Alec reached the site first.
He stared at the battered silver pod, knowing immediately where it came from. He waved the twins over and together they peeked inside the pod.
“It’s empty,” Luna stated, stepping away from the still warm pod, “There’s only one place that I know of that has pods like this.”
Nova nodded, delving into the twin telepathy that they shared, “It seems that the LHSS has struck again.”
Alec gazed at the pod in disgust. They had all been in one at one point, having been sent to Earth for various reasons. Alec himself had been sent when he was caught stealing extra food rations for his, now deceased, mother. The twins had been caught with their knives. Theft and carrying weapons were big no-no’s on the space station.
“Hey, Alec,” Luna pulled the younger man out of his thoughts.
“Hmm?” he could feel her reprimanding gaze on his back.
“Words, Alec, use them. Do you think you can track the person that came outta there?” she waved a hand toward the pod.
Alec stared at her incredulously. Had she doubted his tracking skills? He nodded anyway and moved to around the pod, looking for the direction the unfortunate person ran off in.
“This way,” he walked off.


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