Years after leaving a toxic Earth, the citizens of the Lumina Hope Space Station live under a tyrant named Galen Thesial. He gets rid of any who don't fit in his world. One such person was 16 year-old Doctor Onyx Synn. Blamed for the death of a patient, Onyx is sent away from the station to Earth. There he runs into the Rejects, who, upon learning he was a doctor, take him captive.
Follow Onyx as he struggles in his new life on the destroyed planet called Earth


2. June 4, 2417 | Chapter One ~ Onyx Synn | 11:18 A.M.

Onyx struggled against the rather large men that made up the pseudo-police force of the LHSS. He honestly had no idea what was going on. One minute he was walking through the corridor on his way to the infirmary for work and the next he’s being manhandled by the brutes the NDC had the nerve to call the LHSS Police. In reality, they were just the NDC’s lapdogs.
Onyx yelped as one pulled his arm sharply. It wasn’t like he was trying to get away. He would stop wiggling if they would would stop trying to rip an arm off. He growled insults at them under his breath. When they finally stopped, they were in front of the NDC council room. Onyx glared at the men and gave a soft grunt when they pushed him forward. As he stumbled into the large room, he mentally added the men to his “Black List”.
“Welcome, Onyx Synn.” Onyx looked in the direction of the voice. He looked straight into the eyes of Galen Thesial, the leader of the NDC.
Onyx bowed his head slightly in acknowledgement, “Sir.”
“Mr. Synn, do you know why we had you brought here?” Onyx squashed the urge to comment on the fact that they could have just asked.
“No,” he kept his responses short so as not to let his tongue run away from him.
Galen gave a smile that sent a chill down Onyx’s back, “Onyx Synn, you are under arrest for the murder of Hyle Jezek.”
“What?” he was confused, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“When Hyle Jezek was admitted to the infirmary, you gave him a lethal dose of adrenaline,” Galen smirked.
“Wait a minute, the guy with the nicked artery? I didn’t operate on him. I wasn’t even in the room.” It was true Onyx faintly recalled the man coming to the infirmary with a nicked artery. His boss, Leon, had taken him to the OR. Onyx hadn’t even been in there, Leon claiming that he could handle it. Onyx didn’t know what happened to him after that. 
“Leon was the one to operate on him,” Onyx exclaimed.
Galen smirked, “We checked the time cards, Leon Ophelia wasn’t at the infirmary at that time.”
Onyx frowned, knowing that Leon had lost his time card two weeks before. Realization dawned on him; he had been set up. He didn’t get to defend himself again, since the same giants that had brought him in cuffed his hands together.
“Onyx Synn, you are hereby charged with the murder of Hyle Jezek. You are sentenced to banishment from the Lumina Hope Space Station.
Onyx kicked at them as they led him away. He was pushed into the prisoner pod, and his hands were uncuffed. The door clicked shut, locked until he landed on Earth. 
Onyx began to panic; his claustrophobia rearing it’s head. He leaned forward, head between his knees, to control the bile he felt rising in his throat. He reached into his pocket, glad that he still had his lab coat on, and pulled out his medication. He managed to swallow the small green pill before he started hyperventilating. As his breathing and heart rate returned to normal, he sat up and looked around the pod.
The small vessel had a few bags against one side. Onyx leaned over to open them. The first one had three medium-sized jugs of water. Onyx counted in his head, figuring out that he had enough water for a person of his size to last three weeks with only a mild case of dehydration. Hopefully he could find a safe water source before then. 
The second bag held food. He began sorting it out, taking inventory as he went. He sighed. There was only enough food for a month; if he ate every other day.
He opened the final bag. It was full of medical supplies. Onyx rummaged through it, feeling oddly comforted by the sight of the suture and standard first aid kits; however, it also brought to his attention that his anxiety medication wouldn’t last forever.
Onyx pulled the bottle out of his pocket and counted the pills inside. He had twelve left. He sat back, tucking the bottle back into the safety of his pocket. He knew that he would have to learn how to deal with his panic attacks on his own. Onyx closed his eyes, falling into an exhausted sleep.


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