Back to Reality

Love and Heartbreak are one when the person you love becomes undone.


1. Lost

Never have I ever seen someone look so lost in their own home. She stroked the curtains, absorbing the pattern like it was the first time she'd ever seen them. 
"I'm fine." She sighed as she ran her finger along the black metal frame of her bed. 
"You don't look fine." 
"Then why don't you stop looking." She replied bitterly, "Who even are you?" She turned around and stared at me with those familiar blue eyes, her long ginger hair brought the dark grey room to life. My heart sank into my chest as she stared at me and tilted her head. I can't believe she didn't remember who I was.
"Whatever happens and however you feel, I guarantee you that I am a friend." She rolled her eyes and sat on the mattress, her fragile frame sinking. I stood in front of her and pushed her ginger hair behind her ear. She looked up at me, her eyes wide. Chloe looked so lost. I wanted to hold her and kiss her. I wanted to let her know it was all okay, but I can't force my feelings on her. I sat down next to her and went to grab her hand but was interrupted by the bedroom door flying open. Her Dad walked in, as intimidating as usual and looked at us. He walked over to us and stood at the foot of the bed. His six-foot-six height was, even more, intimidating from this angle. 
"You've had a long day at hospital sweetheart. Would you like to go to sleep?" The moonlight crept in through the carpet and she found herself staring out at the moon, mindlessly nodding to her Fathers offer. He looked at me and I stood up and walked towards the door, looking behind me at her getting tucked into bed.
"Alex!" Her mother called from behind me as I reached for the front door handle. I turned around to find myself embraced in her arms. She smelled like apple pie and was covered in flour. She pulled away and rested her arms on my shoulders, dusting off any flour she'd left on me.
"I'm so sorry. I stress bake." She half-heartedly chuckled, "I know it must be hard for you, Alex. I want to let you know that if you need or want to visit her you can. I know how it feels. I feel like I've lost a daughter, so I can't imagine what it must be like to lose the person who you love. You know I love you, and I think that having you around could maybe trigger her memory back. They said it was a rare occurrence but it's a possibility." 
She was right about how hard it was to lose the person you loved. It was such a strange experience, like heartbreak but without the breakup. Like death, but with the body still full of motion. 
"Thank you, Mrs Clark, and goodnight." I opened the door and she stood there waving me off as I walked up the avenue. I reached into my coat pocket and pulled out my earphones, dropping my wallet in the process. I pick up my wallet and flick it open.  Her eyes stare at me with the most genuine smile I've ever seen, and I feel tears pricking in my eyes. 

She will fall in love with me again. She has to.

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